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  Head Gasket Failure
Posted by: Colin Morgan - Yesterday, 05:35 PM - Forum: Forum chat... - Replies (2)

Having returned the car to the road yesterday following head gasket failure a week ago (when I was kindly rescued), I am wondering if there might be anything to be learnt from this experience.  Most failures are down to 'operator error' and this obviously wasn't an original Austin component but one fitted by me only 3000 miles ago in 2017.

The copper-asbestos type gasket that failed had a smear of orange Hylomar beneath it because the block is a little marked in places (though not near the failure).  It was torqued to 18 ft/lbs.  The gasket failed between the 2nd and 3rd cylinders - a piece about 3/8" in length had blown out in a direct line between the two exhaust valves.  There was no other damage.  Significant cooling water had escaped into the oil (mostly after the engine was stopped, I think).  

I wondered if that bit of the gasket was running hot - perhaps the cooling isn't all it might be in that area?  Or whether the relatively low torque used had contributed to the failure?  Or if the layer of Hylomar had contributed?  Or a bit of everything.  

On assembly this time I used a smear of copper-slip underneath the gasket, and torqued to 18 ft/lbs again.  All fine after three runs out.

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  Re-using silcone sump gasket
Posted by: Colin Wilks - Yesterday, 01:17 PM - Forum: Forum chat... - Replies (9)

Re-installing the aluminium sump on the 65 qnd the silcone gasket seems to have stretched, so that the holes no longer line up. I was under the impression that these gaskets are re-usable, but maybe I'm wrong? It is only out by the diameter of one hole over the length of the sump, so I'm thinking it should squish up if I go steady and install all the bolts loose to let it sort itself out. Am I being over optimistic?

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  Oil Leak at Torque Tube socket.
Posted by: Gordon R 44 - 18-05-2024, 02:36 PM - Forum: Forum chat... - Replies (1)

My 28 A 7 kindly deposited back axle oil on the drive after topping up. Dismantled the torque tube from the car and renewed the oil seal in the gland nut and reassembled only to have it leak oil again. I'm sure this item has been modified and referring to  Woodrow it seems to be a mix of E3-9 and E4-5 in that there is a bronze gland nut with 4 slots at the back axle side and an internal oil seal, with the pinion shaft flange then bolted to the end of the propshaft. The oil seal seems to be working and it looks as though the oil leaks into the torque tube socket from the bottom hole on the torque tube ball. Before I do modifications do I ensure that the gland nut seals the 2 holes in the torque tube ball ? I note on a spare back axle I have that the gland nut/oil thrower does not have the slots and is also a larger diameter. I also need to reduce the judder when reversing but will follow the helpful guidance already on the forum. Members thoughts will be appreciated.

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  "Opal blue"
Posted by: JonE - 18-05-2024, 11:23 AM - Forum: Forum chat... - Replies (7)

Hello all. Tried to research this and its incredibly difficult as everything is confused by blue Opals!

Opal blue was a standard colour for 30-32. We don't see it on any of the Austin/Belco cards as they are all too late. 

Does anyone have any documentary evidence or on-car evidence of something.... that ain't blacky Royal Blue (another standard) or the earlier Kingfisher turquoise? i.e. paint from behind hinges, patent plate or whatever.

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  URGENT - DVLA consultation on historic vehicle registration processes, how to answer
Posted by: Association Secretary - 17-05-2024, 02:50 PM - Forum: Forum chat... - Replies (11)

Urgent news from the FBHVC

Good afternoon
This is an urgent call-to-action! 
You may be aware of the 9 May Government announcement of a wide-ranging consultation about the registration of historic vehicles https://www.fbhvc.co.uk/news/article/dft-and-dvla-launch-call-for-evidence-around-registering-historic-classic-and-rebuilt-vehicles . 
In total, the consultation asks 50 questions in 12 subject headings. It covers all historic vehicles - not solely cars - of all types, and are all represented within the Federation.
Please find attached a Press Release (in Word and PDF) explaining how the Federation has set out its provisional position on each of the areas and is calling for your feedback in an online questionnaire. 
We are seeking your club’s and your members’ feedback, along with that from our wider supporter membership and community.
This will help shape the Federation’s formal response to the consultation, on a topic of great importance that affects the entire movement. 
The consultation offers FBHVC member clubs the opportunity to shape the creation and evolution of policies to preserve our ability to restore, register, and use historic vehicles efficiently and fairly for tomorrow’s roads. 
We strongly encourage you to share this information – and importantly the link https://evidence.fbhvc.co.uk/  with all your members and wider historic vehicle friends (such as through social media).
The more people who respond to us the better, as this will ensure that our collective voices will carry considerable weight. 
It’s taken a very long time - and a huge amount of extremely hard work by our dedicated team - to get to this position, as we battled on your behalf. 
Now, it’s over to you!
Kind regards
Mel Holley
Secretary, Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs Ltd
PO Box 1563
Tel: 01708 223111
Email: secretary@fbhvc.co.uk

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  R47 reflectors
Posted by: Stuart Joseph - 16-05-2024, 04:58 PM - Forum: Wants - No Replies

Good afternoon. I am restoring a pair of R47’s for someone’s Ulster recreation.
I have obtained an excellent pair of shells and rims but the reflectors are missing.
Does anyone have a pair of the three finger mounting reflectors that they would sell?

Regards Stuart

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  Oil leak from Petrol Pump
Posted by: John Cornforth - 16-05-2024, 09:17 AM - Forum: Forum chat... - Replies (6)


My newly rebuilt engine is oil tight in all repects except one.  I still have more than a little oil coming from the AC "T type" petrol pump.  I'm certain that the studs and the pump to crankcase gasket are well sealed, but the oil seems to be coming from the two ends of the main spindle and/or the separate spindle of the priming lever.  The drain hole in the crankcase is clear, and the gasket has a corresponding hole.

Any ideas before I toss it in a nearby hedge and get an SU electric one ?

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  Austin Rally Stonehurst Farm
Posted by: leaf200 - 15-05-2024, 06:29 PM - Forum: Forum chat... - Replies (2)

Hi all, does anyone know if the main day of the Austin rally is Saturday or Sunday?

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  Kielder forest car show
Posted by: Andy Bennett - 15-05-2024, 04:40 PM - Forum: Forum chat... - No Replies

A beautiful day on Sunday for the Kielder Forest car show. A first visit for us as we explore new venues in the area. 

It was a lovely hot day and and we were the only 7 there, lots of people to chat too, many with the usual 'I had one of those, paid £5 for it but the wheel fell off doing 30 with 5 up and I left it where it hit the ditch...' stories.  One lady swore blind her dad's had a wooden floor. I said it just might have, especially if he was creative with repairs.

We were amongst a nice variety of more modern cars and a visit from the local tractor club raising funds for the air ambulance.

.jpg   kielder.jpg (Size: 319.9 KB / Downloads: 126)

.jpg   kielder 2.jpg (Size: 420.76 KB / Downloads: 107)

On the way there a man was videoing from the roadside. Then he overtook us and a couple of miles later as we passed the reservoir there he was again. Then he came around and videoed us again whilst we were parked up. Now we know why. Of all the cars there he decided we needed to feature. I only wish he had let me take my driving shoes out of the foot well first and tidy up a little.

We are on the opening section and again about 1 minute in:


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  Bolt/Set screw sizes 101
Posted by: Discotroll - 15-05-2024, 12:30 PM - Forum: Forum chat... - Replies (5)

Hello knowledgeable Austin 7 owners -

I have a question of a very basic nature - my Austin 7 came in a series of cardboard boxes and on the list of missing things were the bolts/set screws that hold the two halves of the differential case together along with with bolts/set screws that hold the torque tube to the differential housing. Could anyone advise me of the size/length I need for these two jobs (standard 1934 D type diff. Housing) - all help would be really appreciated...

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