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  Speedex Heads
Posted by: Adam Brown - 4 hours ago - Forum: Forum chat... - Replies (6)

Does anybody know if the VSCC are in favour of aluminium heads on Sevens such as the Speedex and Speedy variants?

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  Dating a registration number
Posted by: Hugh Barnes - 7 hours ago - Forum: Forum chat... - Replies (2)

I know there are some clever chaps on here who can come up with an approximate date for the registration of a vehicle from its number. Can anyone suggest a date of registration for FUV 63 please?

many thanks..


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  Aluminium v cast iron cylinder head
Posted by: shane - , 11:15 PM - Forum: Forum chat... - Replies (6)


What are the advantages over the aluminum head over a cast iron on a high-performance engine?

Is it just weight or are there thermal advantages with aluminum?

Are the new aluminum heads better for gas flow? 

Can a standard iron head be modified to give equal performance to the aluminum head?

Sorry for the long list but I am trying to use modified original parts where possible but not at a significant performance disadvantage.

Best Wishes


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  Valve guides
Posted by: Spex - , 09:36 PM - Forum: Forum chat... - Replies (4)

I am getting valve inserts fitted with new valve guides.
The block is 54xxx.  I got flanged guides, but the valve man says they are not correct.
Is it a case of "I am always  wrong"?
I have not seen the problem but will do so in a couple of hours. (Its daytime here)
Are the two types interchangeable?
 Thanks in advance.
Cheers, Peter

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  '35 Ruby lower water manifold
Posted by: Shuttle - , 01:17 PM - Forum: Forum chat... - Replies (11)

Went to tackle a water leak and after draining I took a spanner to the manifold bolts. I thought they weren't very tight!


I now have a manifold I can't remove because the oil filler tube's in the way and that's resisting all efforts, so far, to unscrew it.
Any tips and advice welcome.

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  Fire Extinguisher
Posted by: Barry Townsend - , 12:39 PM - Forum: Forum chat... - Replies (33)

Can anyone tell me why so many sevens carry a fire extinguisher. Mine has one which was there when I purchased it which I thought at the time was a bit odd. Are they prone to catching fire? On my RN the petrol tank is handily placed just above and behind the engine for starters and a very hot exhaust is conveniently right under the carburettor. Perhaps I've answered my own question!

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  Why are some things so difficult - to take apart?
Posted by: Tony Griffiths - 19-01-2020, 09:55 PM - Forum: Forum chat... - Replies (7)

Thanks to Mike Costigan for sending this gem:

An engineer sat at his drafting board
A wealth of knowledge in his head was stored
Like "What can be done on a radial drill
Or a turret lathe or a vertical mill?"

But above all things a knack he had
Of driving gentle technicians mad.
So he mused, as he thoughtfully scratched his bean
"Just how can I make this thing hard to peen?"

If I make this body perfectly straight
The job ought to come out first-rate
But that would be so easy to grind and paint
That it would never make a welder faint

So I'll put a compound taper there
And a couple of angles to make them swear.
Although brass would work for this little gear
But it's too damn easy to work I fear
So just to make the machinist squeal
I'll make him mill it from tungsten steel
And I'll put these holes that hold the cap
Down underneath where they can't be tapped

Now if they can make this it'll just be luck
Cause it can't be held by dog or chuck
And it can't be planed and can't be ground
So I feel my design is unusually sound
"Success!" he shouted "Success at last!
This goddam' thing can't even be cast".

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  Bunch of bananas?
Posted by: Duncan Grimmond - 19-01-2020, 04:43 PM - Forum: Forum chat... - Replies (9)

I'm looking for a four-into-one exhaust manifold. Does anyone have a favoured manufacturer in my area (N.Yorks)whom they could recommend?
Or someone with a manifold they don't want?

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  Tubular axles
Posted by: Paul N-M - 19-01-2020, 10:29 AM - Forum: Forum chat... - No Replies

As a matter of interest does anyone happen to know what the king pin dia. Austin used in their works tubular axles is?
No particular reason just curious.

Paul N-M

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  Austin Big 7 ARX912
Posted by: Davyman - 19-01-2020, 10:12 AM - Forum: Wants - No Replies

Hi, I am trying to find Austin Big 7 reg ARX912 which I owned 40 yrs ago. Any information greatly appreciate  Thanks

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