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  Super Scramble
Posted by: Nick Salmon - 47 minutes ago - Forum: Forum chat... - No Replies

Several 7s in evidence last Sunday at the Bicester Heritage Super Scramble.

Pics [Only registered and activated users can see the links Click here to register]

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  Throttle and advance/retard lever position
Posted by: Parazine - 1 hour ago - Forum: Forum chat... - No Replies

I was pondering a 1st edition Nicholson book the other day and noticed that the drawing (taken from the "official" handbook I think) of the controls of the car shows the hand throttle and advance/retard lever at 12 o'clock and 6 o'clock respectively. Downloading the handbooks from the excellent A7CA archive site seems to indicate that the orientation of the levers changed to 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock somewhere between handbooks 715a and 715b (May 1930, RK and Jan 1931, RL). Anyone have the definitive word on this one? Did it change with the steel body introduction as it doesn't seem to be linked to coil engines, long wheelbase or any of the other major changes. Or was the position variable, depending on the assembly operator in the factory?

I'm sure this was discussed on the old site but I've searched and can't find anything.

Tim R

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  eBay Bargains
Posted by: Chris KC - 2 hours ago - Forum: Forum chat... - Replies (2)

[Only registered and activated users can see the links Click here to register]

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  MMRJ1.1/4 Bearing
Posted by: Zetomagneto - , 10:28 PM - Forum: Forum chat... - No Replies

Does anyone know where I can get one, it is an alternative rear main bearing, if anyone has a new one I am happy to purchase, or swop for a new standard type rear main

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  More storage restoration
Posted by: Tony Betts - , 09:26 PM - Forum: Forum chat... - Replies (3)

Hello all,

After a few people saying how they enjoyed the last shed rebuild. I thought why not let you all in on THE BIG ONE.

I've never had a chance to fully sort out the spares shed problems since I split the business with wayne. And that was when the twin towers few. 

Can't remember how long that's been, I'm guessing near 20 years.

So take a guess on what sort of mess we are in.

And the buildings have also suffered.

Here are some pics of the scale of the problem to be sorted.


Well as you can see, things pile up when time to sort thing out are short 



And yes, when you need space. You fill the rafters.


The overspill has had to go into the garden, as the container rental got to expensive.


So you can see some of the scale of the problem?

In pic three you can see tins trapped in from my first collection of automobilia.

Things need to change so I can extend the already over full micro museum.

But that's a problem for the winter.

Things are already of to a good start with many job lots being listed on the old ebay thingy.

This is the end of today's effort.

Outside cleared around the doors.
One end of the doors cleared.
And the boxes piled up from the container are already going down.

A good day.



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  Speedo and instrument repairs
Posted by: Les gammon - , 02:26 PM - Forum: Forum chat... - No Replies

Hi. I can still offer speedo and other A7 instrument repairs. Email me or ring on 07786506600 Les Gammon

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  Vapour Lock
Posted by: bob46320 - , 10:15 AM - Forum: Forum chat... - Replies (22)

Some of you may have seen my post about a REV counter and temperature measurement.  Yesterday, we went out for a run with our local club, Renault Gourdinis, Porches, Fiats etc.  The RN ran well, however on climbing a moderate incline for 10 minutes or so in 2nd gear did raise the temperature some what.  Air temperature was 36 deg C and towards the top of the hill (about 400M climb) she started to miss and jump around.  Fortunately, we made the top of the hill without holding anyone up and continued without problems.  A long break for lunch, temperatures rising  and another run, but after about 40 miles,  another hill and some serious vapour lock problems. After wrapping some water soaked rags around the gravity fuel pipe, we continued for a few miles and we were then stuck !!.  It was my wife who came up with the OBVIOUS solution.  Why not remove the bonnet !! - Well that was so simple,  it fitted behind the front seats perfectly and we continued on our way home much to the merriment to our French drivers.
The temperatures I was able to measure on reaching home:-

Ambient Air temp    39 deg C
Water                    69 deg C  (With the bonnet removed, I guess these had dropped to avoid vapour lock)
Manifold                 74 deg C
Carburettor body     45 deg C
Fuel pipe                34 deg C

I think the culprit is the fuel pipe/ Bulkhead fuel tank temperature, because when cooled with a soaked rag, matters improve.  
I am looking at 1).  Placing insulation around the fuel tank
                      2).  Replacing the copper fuel tube with some sort of insulated tube  (Any ideas / suppliers for that ??)
                      3).  Making some sort of heat insulator for the exhaust pipe (Flitch plates not fitted because they don't fit).
Any thoughts on the above appreciated.  1932 RN Saloon, 4 blade fan, new radiator (Modern core), ignition timing about right, Heatwave.

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Posted by: Shayne - 23-06-2019, 05:52 PM - Forum: Forum chat... - Replies (2)

Hi all,

I am in the middle of building a special and I thought it was about time I sent my wheels off to be blasted and coated. Unfortunately all but one are only fit for the scrap pile. Before I start looking down the new rim and spoke route has anyone got 4 17” good wheels they are interested in selling?

Many thanks

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  Wheel Rebuild
Posted by: Ken Morton - 23-06-2019, 04:25 PM - Forum: Forum chat... - Replies (9)

Who is the best supplier of spokes and rims? I need 2 rims for ~ 1933  19inch wheels along with the right spokes.

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  Carb, Pump, Distributor and Service Journal
Posted by: Chris Garner - 23-06-2019, 02:11 PM - Forum: Forum chat... - No Replies

Have just put a few choice items in the For Sale section.

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