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  Salvaging what you have
Posted by: Steve Bryant - Yesterday, 03:59 PM - Forum: Forum chat... - Replies (4)

This relates to the thread "They are still out there !" showing why some cars take longer to restore than others.....

Things are moving slow but steady on the various components of my Seven. I am pleased to say that one of the rear wings is now finished and restored, with work started on the other.

Both were severely trimmed (dare I say butchered?) to remove corrosion on the inside to the extent that there was no lip and only remnants of the rear plate and plenty of extra bolt holes for good measure.

I made a heavy form jig to hold everything square and made up the repair section and welded it into the wing.

.jpg   JIG 1.JPG (Size: 136.51 KB / Downloads: 211)
Once this was done I made up the back panel by forming a wired edge and spot welding it to the wing.

One wing down, one to go.


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  First go at Special building.
Posted by: cardiffrob - Yesterday, 02:58 PM - Forum: Forum chat... - Replies (5)

I've started a new thread to separate this from the thread Ian Williams has for his rebuild.  Unlike Ian, I have little idea what I'm doing, and yet I work on the principle that if someone else can do something then I ought to have a go and see if I can achieve something too.

I started with a bare chassis and V5 that had lived in the loft of a shed in Pershore.  It had last seen the light of day about 40 years before and was surrounded by spares from perhaps 5 broken cars.  There was enough to build one car and the chassis was in reasonable condition.

I looked through Ebay, Youtube and Google for tips on how to build a body and bought numerous books on the subject.  I elected to use a little ash, lots of Ali sheet and some forming tools to add a skin over a steel tube frame.  the following pics hopefully will give some inspiration to anyone else trying to achieve the same result.

The engine seemed to be working with zero effort expended on fettling it.  I stuffed it onto the chassis to start jigging up a body.  A small steel frame gave me a starting point to form some structured pressed and beaten over MDF templates.  I added some Ash to give a solid mount for the door hinges and side skirts.  The rest of the bulkhead was formed from Ali sheet rivetted or bolted together.

The side skirts lowered the vehicle, cosmetically and covered the exhaust pie which then came through a hole in the skirt.  This was formed by whacking the sheet with a rounded mallet over the end of a piece of drain pipe.  Looked quite good.  The rear deck and floor are Plywood but on reflection I really should have made it from steel to add more rigidity.  Off the rear deck I hung the rear wings (£50 each) and then skinned the sides in Ali after adding a tubular steel frame.  Wraping the edges over the steel frame was a fun job (not!) and I had to add some curvature in various places to keep it looking 'right'.

Post number 2...

The doors were made in the same steel tubing and the latch assembly is just a steel rod sprung into the tube with a catch, rather like the bolt on my Lee Enfield rifle.  The removable hinges are old pulley mounts from a vintage aircraft so the doors can be removed with just 2 tugs.  The dash was routered out of Ply and then the annealed 1050 grade ali was bashed into submission.  The 120mph speedo was the correct ratio, if a little optimistic.

I still have some wiring to fix and to change the dynamo over to 12 volts once I start earning a crust again.  I lost my job on health grounds a couple of years ago and money has been a bit tight.  The front wings aren't good enough so the Mk2 version is in the pipeline, along with a new frame for the headlamps.

RP radiator since I couldn't find anything else suitable.

Attached File(s) Thumbnail(s)

.jpg   roll1.jpg (Size: 209.61 KB / Downloads: 177)
.jpg   bulkhead9.jpg (Size: 213.33 KB / Downloads: 178)
.jpg   bulkhead6a.jpg (Size: 210.63 KB / Downloads: 175)
.jpg   bulkhead9e.jpg (Size: 211.92 KB / Downloads: 173)
.jpg   roach7.jpg (Size: 196.02 KB / Downloads: 172)
.jpg   DSC00530.jpg (Size: 196.42 KB / Downloads: 170)
.jpg   7rear.jpg (Size: 339.99 KB / Downloads: 171)
.jpg   pipe1.jpg (Size: 178.04 KB / Downloads: 170)
.jpg   DSC00117.jpg (Size: 139.15 KB / Downloads: 167)
.jpg   DSC00621.jpg (Size: 410.7 KB / Downloads: 167)
.jpg   DSC00623.jpg (Size: 364.03 KB / Downloads: 162)
.jpg   DSC00576.jpg (Size: 232.34 KB / Downloads: 166)
.jpg   DSC00583.jpg (Size: 197.18 KB / Downloads: 165)
.jpg   DSC00588.jpg (Size: 147.77 KB / Downloads: 165)
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  Sheep in Wolve's Clothing
Posted by: Bob Culver - Yesterday, 09:54 AM - Forum: Forum chat... - Replies (6)

I recently came across the book Fists of Steel about the rearmament of Germany. Included a photo of mock tanks mounted on presumably Rosengarts practising tactics  off road. The photo may have appeared here but I do not recall.

All proud of their Brit ancestry must see the excellent current Churchill film. It is sobering to reflect that the tactics which swept aside the armies in France were learned in Sevens!

Assuming they handle like Austins I wonder if the cars were also used to sharpen the reactions of pilots?

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  Brake cable fraying
Posted by: morrisminor - 18-02-2018, 08:38 PM - Forum: Forum chat... - Replies (8)

What is available to stop the end of the brake cable from fraying ?
Thanks everyone

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  Machined core plugs
Posted by: Steve Bryant - 18-02-2018, 06:12 PM - Forum: Forum chat... - Replies (9)

Although not original, I thought I would show you the threaded core plugs I made for my '29 cylinder block.

The correct plugs are the domed disc plugs you insert and expand with a dent in the center but sometime in the past  the previous owner had elected to tap these holes for 5/8" BPT plugs which had to be drilled out in order to gain access to the corrosion plugged cooling channels in the block. I got about a cup of rust out of the block.
I modified two modern plugs to resemble the large core plugs already in the block so that they would not look out of place.

Fiddly work but I am pleased at how they turned out.


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  London Classic Car show
Posted by: Nick Salmon - 18-02-2018, 11:15 AM - Forum: Forum chat... - Replies (8)

Friend of mine went to this and sent me this picture. Whose is the green single seater? Looks a lovely job.


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  Sporty SWB Saloon...
Posted by: Ruairidh Dunford - 17-02-2018, 08:13 PM - Forum: Forum chat... - Replies (23)

Many years ago I remember seeing a very fast/sporty green SWB box saloon - had cycle wings and smaller wheels at the front.

Does anyone remember this car and have photos of it please?

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Posted by: Duncan Grimmond - 17-02-2018, 05:18 PM - Forum: Forum chat... - Replies (10)

Spotted on ATF,  would this do for stoney trials?

Attached File(s)
.jpg   captur35.jpg (Size: 108.98 KB / Downloads: 435)
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  Spring project
Posted by: Tony Betts - 16-02-2018, 09:02 PM - Forum: Forum chat... - Replies (1)

Well now the winter project is finished.

And it's time to get stuck into the next project, 

This shed used to be nicknamed the gearbox shed, over 200 in there at its worst point. I think I've got it down under 100. Let's hope.

The roof, again is leaking and needs covering again.



Don't know why, but I love to see old wooden sheds. This one is a standard 8 x 12


Well this is the mess inside.




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  1933 RP restoration project
Posted by: LesRobinson - 16-02-2018, 11:04 AM - Forum: Sales - No Replies

For sale - 1933 RP for restoration.
Car completely stripped.
Lots of work done but still lots to do.
For further information contact me on 07761400174 or les.sprite@gmail.com

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