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propshaft leather gaiter and bobbins
Seeking continuation from "old" forum thread:

which finished with Ian Williams asking that below...
Can anyone add anything? Ruairidh has mentioned the Austin 12 leather disc very recently, but it's interesting that anything hasn't been remanufactured (and its 4 years since this thread)  - have others made their own and to what spec?

"I agree Jim, as far as I am aware a leather Gaiter will outlast the modern alternative hence my question? I intend to make a leather replacement for my 31 saloon. Can anyone tell us if the original split wooden bobbins were a tight fit on the shaft, or if a sliding clearance existed."
Back in the '60s leather gaiters and new wooden bobbins were readily available (mine came from Jack Dalby at Kirby Wiske), I replaced them on at least three of my cars. From memory the bobbins were not a tight fit on the shaft - I think it would be pretty difficult to replace the gaiter if the bobbins did not slide into a suitable position.
I bought a new leather gaiter & bobbin from I think Tony Betts in 2006
Interesting Dave, how has it performed when compared to the rather short lived modern rubber boot's? I have a genuine wooden bobbin which would be easy to copy, my brother in law is an upholster and could stitch up leather boot, it depends if it is worth going to the trouble. Hence my question on the old forum seeking first hand experiences.
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is BP54 a bobbin? 
.png   Screenshot 2018-01-26 08.05.07.png (Size: 322.47 KB / Downloads: 184)
It is made in two pieces out of wood - I have one, along with a gator somewhere, will photograph later...


It worked well Ian until I got fed up with the vibration from the worn out carden coupling which I replaced with a Hardy Spicer, see pot & trunnion propshaft repair thread. Having said that I didn't have any problem with the later rubber covers.
The bobbin appears to be the same as the one I have, can you tell us what length the leather gator is please Ruairidh
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I will have to go back and measure Ian - will come back to you in the next few days.

For information: Rubber Boots

My experience of using these is good. Those that I have seen fail show no signs of been trimmed down (fitted) and usually have a huge glob of grease inside that throws everything off-balance and eventually tears it all apart.

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