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Vintage cars on 2 post lifts
I like what you've done with the covering Hedd.
LOL. I think its sexy. This is next project after the roller is on the road. Will probably make a start tail end of the summer.

It will be more of a Cup 'special' rather than to the standard of yours. May even use some water skis for wings for a giggle.

I mocked up a floor too, body needs moving back with a corresponding notch in the dash, or I need about 4 inches taking out of my legs.
I still have those flitch plates for you - just need to get them to you.
Thanks Ruairidh, still very keen for them. Current employer does a lot north of the border, when all this Covid business calms down I'm sure I'll be your way sometime.
Well, I think I will have to wait for the hoist until after we move in and finances settle down a bit. I got the quote to have my house and garage packed and moved professionally and that's going to hurt a bit! I was laughing when the bank gave us a $NZ7500 'cash bonus' after getting our new mortgage with them but that's now going to be very useful!

When I last moved from Auckland to Wellington 5 years ago it took two 20 foot containers (absolutely stuffed full). I have the same again now plus about another half containers worth of new tools and workshop stuff plus a half built Riley 9. The Austin 7, which is so close to being road legal, will have to go on a truck. I was hoping to get that road legal before moving but now things are a bit too tight as there is too much else to be organised.

Hi. I am interested in your modification of your scissor lift, what size channel have you used and how are the channels fixed to the structure, are they a permanent fixture or can they be removed so other vehicles can be used on the lift, would love to see some more photos, looks a brilliant job.
Which posting Peter ?
Sorry it was your post, thank you
Ramp at full lift,1.2mtrs.I have made some cross beams which slot across the channels to lift the axles (As MOT ramps) using scissor jacks to work on the car at a better height than the floor.
I had the channels folded in 3mm but would now have them folded in 4mm as they weren't stiff enough and reinforced them with the industrial racking bars (Free)
It would be possible to remove /unbolt the folded channels and fit the reach arms but would be a bit of a faff to do.
I don't have the space for a 2 or 4 poster,For a Seven this takes up virtually no more space.
For any ramp you will need a high roof,Although by hooking up with the hydraulic pump it is possible to wheel it outside if you have a concrete base or similar.
A friend of mine has a saying,"You won't get a mower that does everything" Same goes for ramps,Lathes and milling machines

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That's brilliant thank you, it shows just what i wanted, I think this is the best method to lift a 7 on that type of ramp because of the narrow wheelbase other than going for the 900mm version which maybe a bit unstable with a bigger car on.
I guess if only working on the corners of the car a sheet of 12mm ply or sterling board over the lift surface would work and a jack  to raise it from there

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