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boulogne car body help needed
Of course you're mad, Tony, aren't we all?  Big Grin
Definitely mad..... crack on as Duncan would say !!

Pictures, pictures, we like pictures
Today, we could just 3-D print the whole thing. Well, OK, not today - but perhaps in a few years' time? - for this is what we're up against:
Let me know if you need help with the new woodwork Tony ... real wood that is, not 3D printed!
Big Grin

thank you peter, appreciated.

could you email me,

just had another look at you and R project to keep up with the build.

its gonna be a great shame to cover the quality of that work.

Thank you Tony I've sent an email.

Email has been a bit troublesome recently so just in case it doesn't arrive my phone number is 01667 45 45 50

thank you peter.

Well, this is my donor car.

I'm sure many will recognise it.

I'm not looking to butcher a complete car, nothing like anything we all want to keep as an oily rag.

So hopefully this will not upset to many purists.

To finish this build as a 1925 chummy, the costs would far outway what the car is worth when finished.

But what it does do for me is, it supplies me with ALL the parts I need. And many of those parts are restored. Which should save me a fortune. And make another car build affordable.


This looks very promising indeed Tony.
If it was mine I would be tempted to build a replica of the Barnes Brothers racer 'Earthquake', but I am even madder than you, Tony!
What a great project for you.

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