Full Version: boulogne car body help needed
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Help needed.

Does anyone have or can supply drawings dimensions for the 1923 boulogne car body.

Or are the replicas out there just guess work.

Any help appreciated.

Thanks tony.
OL 166 1923 Boulogne Racer builded by the late Barry Argent.
hi edgar,

thats the one.

does anyone have measurements, diagram of designs. is the floor steel or ply.

help needed.

thanks tony
Best to ask Adli Alabi
I'd have a word with Steve Hodgson, Tony.  He should point you in the right direction.
thanks jon

ive not been in touch with adli for a wile, so i dont have up to date contact details.

thanks malcolm,

i did think of steve, but with him being on the south coast. its a long way if i need to take measurements.

ill give him a call about the finer points.

thanks tony
Hi Tony

I assume you’ve seen the drawing by Richard Smith on page 59 of “The Source Book”.  It is very small and only has a scale rather than detailed dimensions.


Hey Tony 

I am pretty sure Adli sold his.
There are some excellent period photographs and articles in existence Tony, I would be inclined to build my own version from close study of these. If you copy someone else's interpretation you are likely too make the same mistakes as has happened with Brooklands models, the replicas made in the past were good attempts based on the information and techniques available at the time but today I believe we have better resources at hand.
This one of the three photos the Archive purchased a couple of years back. Sadly, we have no drawings or other info in the Archive, but I couldnt resist the excuse to show this photo again. These photos were taken a little after Boulogne at Le Mans. There is an article in 2018B Association Magazine that tells more..

I know it's no real help, Tony, but I just love the photos...

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