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boulogne car body help needed
(18-11-2020, 11:06 AM)Tony Betts Wrote: Thanks Mike,

Its putting things in order of use.

Henry's picture shows there are rear damper before boulogne, and they are there but blurred in the last picture.

It seems a strange decision from austin to damper the rear from the beginning, and not the front.

Obviously it was quickly felt they were needed on the front as well for boulogne?

Thanks tony.

Having driven an early 1920s (non-Austin) car with quarter-elliptic rear springs and no dampers all round I can understand it; under normal driving conditions the car was fine, but sharp uphill bends would cause the rear axle to hop, which the rear dampers would control, so I can well  believe they thought - initially - that was all they needed to do.
Nice to see the Sandford Renaud!
Thanks Duncan!
The Script badges will almost certainly be from a 12/4 Austin, it appears regularly used parts from their current model range on the racers, this is even more obvious when these three cars were rebodied for 1924 in the style of what became the GE Brooklands.

I am in the middle of a house move so it may be a while before I have access to all my files again
Black Art Enthusiast 
well guys we have the donor car, picked up today.

This sounds exciting, the next thing to find is a front axle with no damper holes then!
hi ivor,

im not looking at taking that aproach?

Ah, this sounds even more interesting! Good luck with the project and don’t forget to take some pix for us...
(20-11-2020, 10:11 PM)Tony Betts Wrote: well guys we have the donor car, picked up today.

Are you going to post progress photos, starting with the donor car, Tony?
hi ivor,

i hope it will be interesting?

but im sure some wont understand what im trying to do with the car.

hi nick,

ill keep up with some pics as i go, but the body may be a little slow. although it looks easier than most.

im looking at what happend after the cars were raced, crashed, and stripped to build other car.

here is my idea.

the year is 1930ish, and dont ask me how. but i am good at finding the unusual. ive managed to get my hands on one of the original boulogne bodies, my pockets are not to deep and id like to get into building an austin sports.
so ive bought an accident damaged 1925 austin 7. it has been rolled over in a ditch, its recked the body. and many other parts now need rebuilding.

as its all on 6 inch, some can look at it as a replica. i will have to do mods as its two cars coming together, so some can look at it as a special.

you are welcome to tell me if im mad or not.


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