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Beware flying motorbikes - and other road signage
I am using the Ruby as daily driver at the moment, to get some miles into the re-fettled engine (many thanks to Paul Lawrence!).

Stopped to take pictures of a poppy field near home and then noticed the signage. I always think of the Royal Corps of Signals motorcycle display team whenever I see the lower one.

As for the upper one, it looks to me like someone sitting on the bonnet of a car drawn by a child - with a pole out the front that is prodding a somewhat startled horse...

Anyone else got silly interpretations of road signs?


Since you ask, this is the poppy field...
You mean, like these?

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.jpg   rudesigns.jpg (Size: 129.04 KB / Downloads: 880)
Someone stole the direction sign for Fingeringhoe. It's just down the road from where live. It was abbreviated on the sign to F'inghoe.

.jpg   turn left.jpg (Size: 73.53 KB / Downloads: 812)

.jpg   No cycling.jpg (Size: 79.89 KB / Downloads: 810)
Some time ago our club magazine published the following:
.jpg   Jan2011.jpg (Size: 270.25 KB / Downloads: 773)

In deepest Norfolk
Not a road sign, I'll admit, but an old favourite....

.jpg   funny sign.jpg (Size: 14.24 KB / Downloads: 758)
I may have recounted before but my sons scout group, which had an envious sign collection, coveted a stencil  displayed in a country public convenience frequented by tourists, many of whom were Asian. It depicted a person squatting on their haunches on a toilet seat, with a red ban bar drawn trhough it. Someone beat them to it.
Since we have now reached "toilet-level" humour, here is one I photographed some years ago in Shanghai:


In deepest Norfolk
The Town House in the village I used to live in ha sign that read "Gentlemen left through the passage".

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