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Found this today on a Facebook page, the picture was taken - I assume during the 1920s, in The High St, Maldon Essex. Enjoy.

Chummy in the Maldon picture, reg appears to be PU 2769.
Thanks joe, that's an Essex number from late 1923 or early 1924, so that fits nicely.
Just found this one, taken locally a few years back.

[Image: 20190106-112720.jpg]
In the '80s I was involved in the manufacture of tyre valves for earthmoving equipment. I remember a trip to the Kennecott copper mine in Utah where they were using dozens of 500 ton dump trucks. Quite an experience especially standing next to them in the maintenance sheds. The mine was so large that these trucks at the bottom of the mine looked liked Matchbox toys. The owners budgeted to loose an average of 2.5 trucks a year over the sides of the mine. It was said that the precious stones found during mining paid for the facility leaving the copper as 100% profit.
I had been looking through a collection of family history and dropped upon this photo.  It's Delce Mill Rochester UK taken in 1937. My Grandfather worked and managed this mill from 1895 - 1943. In the foreground is a Fabric 7 ?? reg number DY4347 ?? parked in Richard Street. I have a later photo (no Austin) showing the street name a little clearer.
Thanks, Bob, I've added it to the Gallery.

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