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Gallery - Mike Costigan - 03-11-2017

Those of you who have nothing better to do may have noticed the Gallery button at the head of the page. I am hoping to develop this feature into a meaningful resource for everyone's benefit, and the time has come to publicise what I have done and invite anyone with suitable photos to contribute. The plan is for members to be able to upload a photo to the Test Category, and I will then vet them and transfer to the appropriate category. At the moment I would like to concentrate on 'period' images but if you have something else which you would like to share with a wider audience I am receptive to suggestions. Similarly, if you have suggestions for additional categories, or would like existing categories modifying, just let me know!

RE: Gallery - Ian Williams - 03-11-2017

I have uploaded a few pictures for you to scrutinise.

RE: Gallery - Ruairidh Dunford - 04-11-2017

Thank you to Mike for taking this forward.

For this elf you struggling to find the button at the top right of your screen you can also follow this link:

RE: Gallery - Timothy P - 04-11-2017

Brilliant Mike, looks superb, and some great photos in there already.
I will get add some that I have found.

RE: Gallery - Mike Costigan - 05-11-2017

Many thanks for the latest additions - please keep them coming!
Please also provide as much information as possible in the caption section - I can always edit the details if appropriate. 
Also, don't be too concerned if the quality of the photo is pretty poor - I'm quite prepared to have a go at tidying up a damaged picture - see the 'AC Tourer towing a trailer' picture submitted by Timothy; I have included both the original and the tidied-up version to show what my limited capabilities can manage!

RE: Gallery - Mike Costigan - 17-11-2017

Just a reminder for folks to look at the Gallery from time to time. We now have nearly 300 images for your delictation, but lots of them have not been viewed once yet!

RE: Gallery - JonE - 01-12-2017

Mike, is there not some trickery which would allow people to see when new images are up.. and where they are? The Gallery isn't very obvious on the page, and its a bit of a hassle to go in and look through every section to see if there is anything new.

Most people view 'new posts' on the forum and the gallery needs to have the same sort of function if you want regular users?

as you say, people need to be looking as there is important stuff ending up in 'ere!

RE: Gallery - Mike Costigan - 01-12-2017

Unfortunately at the moment there is no facility to highlight newly posted pics; I have the same problem in finding new postings, which is why I have asked for them to be put in the test section where I can quickly spot them. As mentioned in the Info to this Gallery section, there may be a possibility to upgrade in the future.

RE: Gallery - Colin Wilks - 01-12-2017

Hi Mike,
Perhaps you could just leave new submissions in the test section for a couple of weeks before transferring them out?
On a technical note, I use an android tablet and can view and resize photos that are embedded in normal posts without trouble. However, in the gallery larger photos get their right hand sides chopped off and I cannot reduce their size, but only enlarge them, which doesn't help much. Is it just me?

RE: Gallery - Mike Costigan - 01-12-2017

Colin, leaving them in the test category seems like a good idea - I'll try that for a bit and see how it goes; trouble is I've then got to remember when to move them!

I agree I need to resize some of the larger pics so that the full image can be seen - on my to-do list.