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There wouldnt be any sparks Andrew. The fire is well insulated from the world at large by 30odd 6foot (ish) long 1 1/2 diameter firetubes and the chimney which also has a cap on it.
(03-01-2019, 07:20 PM)andrew34ruby Wrote:
(03-01-2019, 01:55 PM)Hedd_Jones Wrote: The caption is self explanatory. Anyone know the pub if it is still there?

the steamer looks likely to be a Burrell 5 ton tractor, probably pre 1910. Hauling timber on a pole carriage, and has been banked up for the night. 

AD tourer. 1928/9?

[Image: 008_1712.jpg]
A smoky, sparky, coal fire in the traction engine --- next to a thatched roof!

One of my early haunts of the 1960's. Still there, changed a bit though.    
Hello Hedd.
We have seen sparks coming out the chimney at the Great Dorset Steam Fair. Maybe just putting on a show!
(04-01-2019, 02:03 PM)Adrian Payne Wrote: Hello Hedd.
We have seen sparks coming out the chimney at the Great Dorset Steam Fair. Maybe just putting on a show!

The exhaust steam goes into the bottom of the chimney, creating a vacuum behind it, thus 'pulling' the fire. The harder the engine works, the harder it pulls the fire. The 'puffer' principle.

But a steamer is direct drive, no clutch, so if the engine is stationary, no exhaust to pull the fire, certainly no sparks. Particularly if there is a damper on the chimney.

An engine working very hard will throw sparks, at the GDSF there is a lot of showing off so you will have seen it (as have I). In real use you try to avoid it for obvious reasons, we generally carry £5,000,000.00 insurance policies against damage caused by sparks. And have to fit 'spark arrestors'. Its not at all difficult to drive in such a way where they are minimized. There was a lot of discussion on various groups on Facebook over the summer about this given the dry spell we had.
Que increíble todos los temas que colocan aquí, a mi me encanta en particular todo lo que tiene que ver con bandejas de colores
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The cat and Fiddle is still there used sometimes by DoA7C as a start to New Forest runs.
[Image: 008_1822.jpg]

A nice RK with a Scammell oilfield tractor at Tolpits Lane, West Watford. Probably in the early 1930's.

That model of Scammell was first built in 1927, if it was then, the car would be -2 or 3!.
Great resource !

Especially images of engines and configurations. If need any assistance developing this feature happy to help.

Found this today on a Facebook page, the picture was taken - I assume during the 1920s, in The High St, Maldon Essex. Enjoy.

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Nice find, joe; I've posted it to the Gallery.

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