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What have you done today with your Austin Seven
First drive in about 5 months.

With two small boys.  We showed them "Beethoven" (the film) in which the final rescue is performed by the children of the house, driving the family car into the inside of a factory.

"We could do that in Grandpa's car..."

So: up and down the road with the 8 year old, and then the 6 year old steering.

Unlike the film, we stopped before we went through the closed garage doors.

I love the dual control aspects of the earlier Austins.
Had the Austins out for some fresh air and a chance to sweep up the garage floor.  The RL had a good run out yesterday of about 50 miles, it went so well I thought someone had put the Ulster engine in it over winter.   The Pytchley wasn't too happy last time out and I didn't like the noise the engine was making.   Today I decided to change the distributor and found that the coil end of the HT lead had disintegrated.  I put an old Skoda distributor on and the engine is running nicely.   The Ulster fired up immediately after a six month lay up.
In response to Dave Mann above, decades ago a work colleague reported that fitting a trailer had burned out the hyd switch. i had a simialr car so fitted a relay and OK ever after.
        Today it was time to give the single seater a breath of fresh air, in preparation for taking it down to Boroughbridge where a man will be able to clothe the front with a sleek bonnet and streamlined nose (hopefully without the trademark mouchtache!)
Making sure that there are no loose nuts and bolts or spanners etc lying around on the undertray.
Malcolm - I presume it will be having its nuts removed as well? (Oops, sorry, too much exposure to The Yorkshire Vet...[Image: wink.png]!)
It's taken him a long time to put all the nuts in place, Nick, so removal will not be an option!

In my case, I've been finalising the fitting of a carburettor upgrade to my Ulster before its first event of 2021 in two weeks time. However, my suspicions of a slight head gasket blow were confirmed last thing when I found a cylinder head stud pulling out. Head off tomorrow, Helicoil, new head gasket and re-assembly. Times like these I'm pleased we have SV engines.


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