Full Version: What have you done today with your Austin Seven
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Moving swiftly on from previous matters, I made the most today of our warm autumn sunshine down here in Rekkersland and went out for a spin in the RP. Near a village called St Sauveur de Cruzières I stopped for a quick piccy next to this old Peugeot (303 I think) Pick-up parked at the entrance to a stone mason's yard. It's been there ages and unlike the UK has never been nicked or vandalised. Nice patina.

[Image: 20181023-141546.jpg]
Took the Austin to see a man about getting the steel panels of the fabric body painted once they have been repaired.
Spent most of the afternoon chatting to him while he showed me his Mk2 Lotus Cortina rebuild and the engine rebuilt to have an extra 60bhp.
Nice photo Bruce, are you asking us how many non standard parts are showing on Peugeot ??
(23-10-2018, 04:18 PM)bob46320 Wrote: [ -> ]Nice photo Bruce,  are you asking us how many non standard parts are showing on Peugeot ??

Bought some leather cloth today so I can complete the inside of Ruby
Hoping to grind in and fit my valves this evening.
Also clean head and block ready for assembly.
Never driven a A7
So looking forward with excitement
Still daft at 70 years

Still daft at 71!

Spent today working on the AllAlloyCup.

Fitted the body piping and made and fitted the alloy facing 
that surrounds the spare wheel.

Also cut out the aperture in the boot and
set the hinges. Will fit the matching bootlid facing alloy surround

Hopefully should finish the tail metalwork by next week.
While out in a Seven yesterday I detected some vibration at 40 mph so this morning I had a peek underneath & found the fabric coupling on it's last legs so I changed that, it's done less than 300 miles.
(23-10-2018, 04:18 PM)bob46320 Wrote: [ -> ]Nice photo Bruce,  are you asking us how many non standard parts are showing on Peugeot ??

No, it's not Sunday and I'm not bored! Tongue
Sadly I just looked at my RP under its cover in the garage. All whilst I was 'supervising' the workmen putting up scaffolding ready for the solar panels arriving Thursday.
No time for sevening at the moment Sad
Andy B
The Ruby took me to work this afternoon (only a short trip over to Seaford about 8 miles to get there), parked on the seafront for about 30 minutes whilst I did my work, then off to see Forum Member Biddlecombe, who was working on his car and only a few minutes away. We went for a short drive in his car (which is looking very nice btw, excellent patina), had a fuelling issue (dirt) en route, then repeated the drive in my car with Biddlecombe behind the wheel.

I hadn't realised that the Ruby has less interior space than the car it replaced - when Biddlecombe pointed this out it was quite noticeable, I guess, the modern streamlined look of the Ruby came at the cost of interior space!