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Transferring a registration number to an A7
I have two cars, one with a recent DVLA issued 'age-related' number, the other with its original number which had not been licensed since 1960, and had to be reclaimed when the car was restored. Both have the declaration on the V5C that the number is non-transferable. Presumably if the V5C does not have that declaration, then the number is available for transfer.

Theoretically all 'age-related' numbers are issued on a non-transferable basis, but Swansea's pen-pushers aren't always that careful, and I have had two numbers which I have been able to transfer when the cars were sold overseas ... If a number is 'voided' as a result of a 'cherished transfer', then DVLA cannot re-issue the number, and it will be re-allocated to the same  car if the 'cherished'number is subsequently removed, at which point it will (should!) be then non-transferable.

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