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Family camping holiday touring France in an Austin Seven Summer 2018...
It didn't take long to load up, we said our heartfelt thanks and started north, through the Dartford Tunnel and on to Cambridge where we stayed with Hugh.  


I had planned to travel on to Glasgow the next day but found myself unable to, I was exhausted.  Hugh allowed us to remain for another night and the day after we eventually headed home to Glasgow and this wonderful sign in our neighbour's window:


The Austin had carried us 2568 miles with a small wheel bearing and a puncture it's only failures. We'd used 2.8 litres of oil between the engine and gearbox and averaged 35mpg.

This will be our last trip long distance in an Austin Seven, as a family of 5, the girls will simply be too big next year and I will need to exhume the Twelve from hibernation!

Simon asked about spares and I will picture these, along with the tools, at some point in the near future. Thanks for staying with me, if you have read this far. I hope it encourages more to do similar - it was a huge amount of fun that we won't forget in a hurry.
What an epic journey, I'm so impressed! Even more so when the map is laid out with the route marked.
Well done that man(and family)!
I was getting quite emotional reading that Ruairidh, much I can relate to.

Bravo for getting past the doubts and going anyway; an Austin Seven on the open road is a magical thing and I know you will treasure those memories.
I am sure I speak for all those who have been following your travels when I thank you and your family for sharing your journey with us. 

Great stuff Ruairidh. Thank you for taking the time and trouble to post it all. Thoroughly enjoyed it.
This really brought back memories of you and your sisters childhood to me.
Your mothers incredible packing skills(which you seem to have inherited)including a vertical suitcase between you to minimise the fist fights.
Most of all however it reminded me of how many and how easy it is to accumulate wonderful new friends at an alarming rate.
The Austin Seven is really like no other car.
Everybody love an Austin Seven it seems.
Thoroughly enjoyed your travels Ruairidh , great stuff, makes me want to do something similar, if you do the next trip in the 12 post it on here I'm sure we'd all like to follow you in it.  Just wish your name was easier to spell !!! Pay a visit to Northants love to meet
Great story and pictures of your adventure in France Ruairidh. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

Out of interest Ruairidh which on your travels do you prefer to drive and why , Box ,Chummy ,Pearl ?
I enjoy all of my cars and the only trip I no longer enjoy, in an Austin Seven, is driving to the ferry terminals on the South Coast from my home in Glasgow.

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