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Family camping holiday touring France in an Austin Seven Summer 2018...
I'm curious: why do you carry three spare wheel cover 'keys'?
Found the last batch -

This stored in the basket beside the handbrake...



This under the passenger seat....


This under the fake floor...


And I think that is it!!

Only carry what you can and are prepared to fix - I personally would find it very frustrating to be in Provence etc. and know that I was able to fix a problem but did not have the part and/or tools to do so. I will only use RH breakdown as a very, very, last resort. I admits to getting somewhat dismayed at seeing people towed because of really quite simple problems, it will ruin it for the rest of us in the end!
(16-09-2018, 11:09 AM)Mike Costigan Wrote: I'm curious: why do you carry three spare wheel cover 'keys'?

The "T" one is pictured twice (by mistake) - the other (late type) I use as tool to lever stubborn heads off though the plug hole, it fowls the boot lid for some reason so I don't like using it for that purpose.
And now we have the definitive list to point people towards when they ask what tools and spares should they carry.
1931 RN, 1933 RP
Not that I'm an optimist but I've never ever in over 30 years of Austineering EVER carried that amount of spares. Mainly because I've never had that many! Chapeau bas Ruairidh for your collection and preparedness. Have you ever weighed that lot?

I do carry a set of 6 wheel spokes (2 of each) though...
Well I think you've covered pretty much all eventualities that can be repaired 'en route'. Ruairidh. The first photo shows a spare half shaft that you carried in the boot. Back in about 1997 in preparation for a trip into Europe I stored a half shaft inside the rear cross member of the Chummy I had then. Fitted into the cross member, wrapped up in cling film and held in place with two cable ties it wasn't needed on our trip and stayed there. It was still there in 2000 when we took the car into Europe again. I sold the car in, about, 2004 and, forgetting about the half shaft, it remained there. Time went on and the purchaser sold the car on and, in around 2010, I got a call from Ian McGowan, a long standing friend who was now the owner of 'my' Chummy, saying 'Hey, I've found a half shaft under the Chummy'. Is it still there Ian?

It is still in place Steve, it's mounting reinforced by additional cable ties (I would hate for it to fall off) but I desperately hope that I will never need it!!
I tended to think that I carried every thing except the kitchen sink but, Ruairidh takes the biscuit - and I can't play any musical instrument!!

Just testing the photo posting. Number one daughter behind the wheel of the chummy.

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I often read old posts just for the pleasure of it. Somewhere I read about Coleman's Drive which was highly recommended. I just got it and though I'm only still in Argentina I'm hooked. Wonderful reading.
I then tried to get back to where I read about it recently. That brought me to this post here. Now I have of course to go back to page 1 and read all again.
All the best to everybody here.
Euh.. I meant "in Argentina" with Coleman, still in beautiful Brittany here...
Blimey you could do a complete rebuild with that lot Ruairidh.

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