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Cooling Fans
As I said I do not doubt it probably is after market Tony, but there is more than one version of the export fan with large pulleys in both steel and aluminium, however this is example is the most unusual I have ever seen. I doubt it but perhaps there was only the one type ever sent to out Australia, after all you were rather unique in not getting many complete cars sent to you. BTW this fan came from a 1929 Chummy engine, not that we can learn much form that as things get changed over the years.

Edit, As this fan has caused some interest I decided to go out to the workshop and bead blast it just in case that revealed any foundry marks hidden beneath the corrosion ( alas not). It was then that I noticed hat this is a four bladed fan for a mag engine even though it cane off a 1929 coil engine!!! I had never paid it that much attention before so had not noticed this fact, so the plot thickens, it is well made, the blades are thicker in section than normal fans, so when was it made, and by whom???
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(21-12-2017, 08:04 PM)Ian Williams Wrote: I have a two bolt export fan that is not a modern creation.

Ian, you couldn't resist getting that speedy nosecone in the photo could you!
The four blade mag fan I have is smaller than a normal mag fan - is yours the same?
(23-12-2017, 01:06 AM)Ruairidh Dunford Wrote: The four blade mag fan I have is smaller than a normal mag fan - is yours the same?

From memory (dangerous), the full size four blade fan now fitted to the Chummy short radiator coil engine comes very close to the top radiator hose needing the blades to be bent slightly forward (and the offset belt tension adjustment needs to be carefully set with a specially selected fan belt).

Cheers, Tony.

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