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AllAlloyCup progress
Hi Ruairidh

Sorry for the confusion I had some rather rudimentary
home made catches but they weren’t working out so
pleased to have these casting that you’d sourced.

Did you have them cast locally or just picked them up
a while ago? Neil was wondering where they’d come from.

Is your car due back soon?


Bill G
Based near the Scottish Border, 
They are part of "many-bits-I-have picked-up-over-the-years".

Glad they are of use.

Car will be back here in March - fingers crossed.
Whatever you do, don't take my word for it!


.jpeg   54AE10E5-2EE9-4384-9125-481A9F537D20.jpeg (Size: 159.89 KB / Downloads: 163)
.jpeg   7AC90BE2-5815-4107-90FF-B99E85AADDAC.jpeg (Size: 147.96 KB / Downloads: 163)

Spent a few hours on these castings to convert them to working 
door catches for the Cup.

Used some 10mm square bar to make the bolts and 4mm rod
As the guide, plus some springs from some cheap catches.

Some precision drilling and filing needed!

Still to make some square holes in the striker plates
before fitting on the car, plus a little more polishing 
before doing some home brewed nickel plating.


Bill G

Aka AllAlloyCup
Based near the Scottish Border, 
Nice work Bill!
Whatever you do, don't take my word for it!

Ooh shiny.....

Those are very nice Bill, well done...lots of hours in there, another labour of love


.jpeg   7C03725F-3BF7-4B77-B396-582AD2421104.jpeg (Size: 124.42 KB / Downloads: 73)

Engine about to go in, after final checks on gearbox and clutch.

Waiting on wings back from the welders
and the radiator cowl from the platers.

Weather is warming up and can soon
get onto lacquering the bodywork before final


Bill G
Based near the Scottish Border, 
Bill, I would like to see that petrol pipe coiled horizontally rather than vertically; you have the potential for an airlock as it is.
Thanks Mike,

I’ll think about that, still pondering about fitting an air pump to pressurise
the tank to about 1psi. Just bought a nice brass bodied pump for next to no money
from the USA :-) Now looking for a 1-5 psi gauge.

It would be easy enough to turn the pipe .

Thanks again for the tip.

Bill G
Based near the Scottish Border, 

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