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AllAlloyCup progress

.jpeg   BA6425B9-8D53-4EB7-825B-21819B3434A4.jpeg (Size: 60.36 KB / Downloads: 2,230)

After a summer of landscaping and slab laying it’s good to
Get back to car building!

I’m halfway through reassembling the 3 Speed Box with
New close ratio gears and bearings.

Also about to build the 1 1/8th coil engine with a new steel crank, pistons, 
valves and bearings, plus newly refurbed rods.

All the alloy coachwork and alloy wings and bonnet I’ve fabricated
are finished bar the tail cover which is still work in progress.

Decisions needed on the rad core and rad shell when funds permit.

As the cold weather beckons I’m looking forward to starting the wiring.


Bill G
Based near the Scottish Border, 
Great relief here at the AllAlloyCup garage as the last piece of Alloy bodywork for the
GE Cup Special comes together. 

Many thanks to my pal Pete for forming this difficult panel from a single sheet of 16SWG
In just a couple of days or so! As I don’t intended having fabric
Covering on this car it was critical to have this panel looking smart.

Looks like Spring 2019 for project completion when I can start to learn how to master
The 3 speed gearbox and the uncoupled brakes!

Thanks too to Jim and Neil for technical and moral support on this build,
Without their help I would have really struggled.

Bill G

.jpeg   E1F4D71F-B2E7-4F10-BAE5-AA5E67733BCA.jpeg (Size: 53.56 KB / Downloads: 2,109)

.jpeg   2CA0915A-6E34-4739-B348-1BDFD62EC0A4.jpeg (Size: 48.35 KB / Downloads: 2,112)

.jpeg   86354544-283F-4EA9-BEC9-A1D6B0FB6808.jpeg (Size: 54.14 KB / Downloads: 2,104)
Based near the Scottish Border, 
Looks lovely - can we see it fitted on the body?
Whatever you do, don't take my word for it!

Hi Ruairidh,

Perhaps next week? Busy engine building this week.

Some final tidying on the wings still to do as well.

How’s the fabric covering getting on?

Bill G
Based near the Scottish Border, 
All good thanks.
Whatever you do, don't take my word for it!

Looks great Bill, looking forward to seeing it all together.
Started to trial fit the new tail cover this afternoon.
One or two issues to resolve but it certainly
looks like an AllAlloyCup now!

Will get the wings finished off next week .
Hoping to keep the vehicle weight under 8cwt.
The large wings weigh nothing at all.

In between times assembling the camshaft, new  pistons and valve gear.
Plus this morning lugged a ton of timber from a tree that’s fallen in the garden
and which my tree surgeon neighbour kindly sawed up for me.

Thanks to all those that have helped me get this far

Kind regards
Bill G

.jpeg   734615E5-F220-46C1-BDE7-1F878AA074A3.jpeg (Size: 46.8 KB / Downloads: 1,897)

.jpeg   D15092B5-D7B7-4C88-B7E8-A3BCF7F50B59.jpeg (Size: 42.75 KB / Downloads: 1,891)
Based near the Scottish Border, 
Well done Bill.

What do you intend to use in place of the piping around the lid?
Whatever you do, don't take my word for it!

I'm most impressed by the one piece forming. It defeated me, I threw three trial pieces into the scrap!
Hi Ruairidh,

Actually it’s well done Peter , my role
in this tail cover only involved woodwork.

The mating faces will need some sort of weatherseal
so I am planning to use some piping fixed to the body
And fixed with alloy facings as per factory cars.

The tail cover itself may need some edging/piping but
Still investigating the best option for this.

Patience is a virtue!

Bill G
Based near the Scottish Border, 

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