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Period photos
(19-08-2017, 07:30 PM)Mike Costigan Wrote: Two more from the 'fifties, Silverstone this time:

DYY 354 was, I think, the Speedex 'company demonstrator'. The photo is from the 1959 Birkett relay race with an unknown driver. The same car was out on the track with a few other drivers in 1959 and its distictive profile is recognisable in the Speedex adverts of the time with Jem Marsh sitting at the wheel 'and the driver is 6' 3" '. It all all looks so innocent with 5 gallon oil drums demarking between the pits and the XK120 and Elite zooming past on the track!
(18-08-2017, 08:56 AM)Alan Wrote: Austin seven Special, taken in 1933. It lives in my garage.

Another non-Austin, a 1911 Daimler, Driver is my grandfather

Hi Alan, what a lovely special.This car would only have been around 7 years old when it was turned in to this sporty looking car, quite few changes,lower suspension, later rad shell, larger headlamps.
Any idea who built it, someone with access to new at nearly new parts at the time, Austin employee perhaps.
It would certainly be welcome to come and live in my garage!
Perhaps Alan you could be persuaded to start a post telling us about this car with a few more pictures from both now and then??? I am sure a lot of readers would find it fascinating.
Black Art Enthusiast 
Ian, it's an interesting car that has a long competition history. Along the way, although like the roadmans broom it's had a few new handles and heads, it still has a traceable identity. (And a few original components) it's been discussed before on the forum - search "Cutler Horan", but next time I'm where my photographs are I'll post a few more.
Does anyone recognise this car, taken sometime in the 70s.I have the original photo but no other info

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Another couple for your delectation:

.jpg   1951 Gloucester Trial Arthur Mallock in Bombsk.jpg (Size: 153.36 KB / Downloads: 577)

1951 Gloucester Trial - Arthur Mallock again

.jpg   1951 Kentish Borders Alexander Trial.jpg (Size: 123.66 KB / Downloads: 578)

and the 1951 Kentish Borders' Alexander Trial
Mike Cannon driving his A7 in the 1951 KBCC Alexander Trial - before he commenced constructing his Cannon
trials cars.
(23-08-2017, 11:55 AM)Geoff Harrison Wrote: Mike Cannon driving his A7 in the 1951 KBCC  Alexander Trial - before he commenced constructing his Cannon  
trials cars.

Brilliant, thank you for mentioning it, another Austin 7 connection that I was unaware of.
Me too!
Mk1 Pearl...

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