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Rear Window Blind.
Does anyone have an idea of when the rear window blind was first fitted to saloons?
My RL saloon, chassis 128xxx, had the remains of a window blind which I think was original.  One day I will restore the blind.
My 1928 RF saloon has its original rear blind
Both my RKs (early 1929 and early 1930) had window blinds
Thank you gentlemen for the replies, so from late 1928 onwards they were fitted.
Possibly related and might be subject for a separate thread/
I have had two RK's in my keep over the years and currently own a 1930RF(3) all have had original rear blinds with operating cords positioned centrally in the roof terminating over the middle of the screen.and hanging over the rear view mirror
Related to this is the question of the 'standard' internal rear view mirror. . On these cars the mirror stalk is so short so that you can only see the road surface immediately behind through the somewhat low rear window. A longer stalk vibrates so much as to make viewing impossible. I've succumbed to a suction mirror
( non-vintage) on the screen. is there a better solution?

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