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Reflector resilvering
I need to get a pair of R47 reflectors resilvered, where should I go?
A few years back I'd have said Keith Ardley at Mepal, but I'm pretty sure he's retired by now.
It used to be 2/6d on West Street in Sheffield (cash only)

I phoned Lathco Plating in Sheffield and spoke to Mark who was very helpful. He suggested that the old plating might polish up - though as its thickness will only be a few microns one has to be careful not to be too harsh. If that doesn't work he suggested that the old plating be removed - he uses an acid stripping bath that leaves the brass needing a polish before plating. If you email him at mark@  with a picture of the reflector and a note of its dimensions, he'll be pleased to quote when he knows how much work is involved.
The following should also be able to help:

Stuart Joseph was the man to go to on all things A7 lights. He posts on here from time to time. He resilvered an R47 for me a few years ago. Not sure if he is still accepting work? This was his email address not sure if it is still correct.


I heard Keith Ardley was retiring (he lives quite close to me) but the last thing I heard, he was still doing reflector re-silvering, Might be worth asking...
Anybody tried something like this?
‘Genius of the Lamp’ Birmingham are very highly rated although I cannot comment on their charges.
There's this place as well - also Sheffield based. No connection other than the fact that I used to work round the corner. It's opposite the old Batchelor's factory.
Thanks for all the suggestions Chaps - I have also been recommended to Albion Plating at Partridge Green, W Sussex. As they are not too far from me I think that I will give them a shot. Small family business who are also meant to be reasonably priced.

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