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Engine tickover RPM and charging light
Hi further to my earlier post regarding information on tick over RPM and charging light i think i         have managed to post a picture of my special that is nearing completion
Nice design. I like the low profile of your body..
(10-06-2024, 10:34 AM)Graham Barker Wrote: Nice design. I like the low profile of your body..

Said no one to me ever.  Big Grin

(I'll get my coat)
Nice overall shape and I like the flat top radiator which harmonizes with the scuttle — you’ll have to sit as low as pos or the racing screens will keep wind off the steering wheel but not you!
Many thanks for the kind comments regarding my special. I also plan to fit some kind of under tray.

Hi , many thanks for the comments regarding my special. Yes the screens are a bit low and wouldnt have much effect so i do intend to raise them slightly using a plinth. As mentioned i bought the componants and chassis in December 22. I get 3 evenings a week on it . It was all built in an 8ft by 10ft tin shed at the bottom of my garden so has been challenging at times but im getting there. The rad shell is something i made myself. I dont intend painting it , just leaving it bare aluminium. Its developed a nice patina which is in keeping with how i wanted the car to look. The paint on the rad shell has got a nice crazed effect on it where the laquer had reacted with the paint which wasnt intentional but makes it look aged so i dont think i will change it. Not to every ones taste but i like it. I wanted to create a typical shed built special and i think i have achieved that.
I just wonder with the flat front spring and a non-bowed axle whether you'll experience bottoming out problems. Time will tell. Remember that anything that can flex, will eventually break - think about mudguards, rear light brackets, wing stays etc. Belt & braces is always good.
Like you say reckless, time will tell. This is my first build so its been a bit of a learning curve along the way. I had thought about the front axle and there is some clearance to allow for spring flexing but if it comes to it i will no doubt change it to a bowed one . My aim at the moment is to get it on the road and make any mods and improvements when needed. Im getting one hell of a kick putting it all together though, loving every moment of it  Big Grin. My late father has been a great inspiration for me with two restorations under his belt, the first one being a Thornycroft Sturdy Star and the second one a 1927 Crossley 14 which was imported back into this country from Australia as a kit of spare parts. He built a period van body on it and painted it in Great Western Railway colours. I have seen a picture of it on an old thread on this forum, i think the subject of the thread was building van bodies but not sure. A big thanks to everyone who responded to my thread and for the great comments. P.S i am located in Basingstoke , Hampshire. I noticed one or two members are in the same locality

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