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Oil filler tube, part missing ?
It certainly does. I've had a couple of cars that came with one - soon abandoned.

I suppose the logical next step is a hand pump to "force the delivery", perhaps even an electric syringe powered by the muscular 6v accumulator..... towels, hot water and carbolic soap please Matron!

I'll get onto the Patents Office directly.
Back from Guildtown and brass mesh had arrived.
A bit too fine for this purpose but made up a 'MK1' cone
which fits and would probably work.
Will order some more course mesh and make up a 'MK2'
with some form of puller so it can be removed easily for
filling- topping up oil.
Total of 15 minutes work, 10 of which was trying to
remember how to make a cone !.

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You don't need a puller - just stick two fingers down into the cone to pull it out.

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