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Oil filler tube, part missing ?
(09-06-2024, 12:43 PM)John Mason Wrote: Well you learn something every day. I never knew there was such a part.

John Mason.

I first became aware of this filter about eight years ago when I came to top up the oil in my recently acquired RM saloon; I couldn't understand why I could only dribble the oil in to the filler!
Don't forget the Austin 7 was designed when petrol and oil came in all sorts of containers with not a great degree of quality control. 

The filters would catch some dirt (not a lot) but now are only kept for originality. I take mine out when refueling or adding oil- otherwise as I soon found out lots of oil or petrol everywhere  Confused
(09-06-2024, 10:49 AM)Hugh Barnes Wrote: Well, there are a lot of people here who aren't fans of Facebook. As you are a fan of sharing knowledge, Jon, it would be a shame if you excluded this audience from anything...

here we are. For all those who are seriously worried about FB, why don't you set up with a pseudonym and just have no friends network on there? Its easy just to be able to join the forums you need to, and access the marketplace. It's sad to say that even with FB people largely accessing from mobile phones, the enormity of the membership on those groups like Austin 7 mean one can actually get comments and progress research etc. One post I made recently on here on cowls got absolutely no replies...
I think that is (sadly) understandable in that a lot of users have been there, done that and are more concerned with getting on and using cars these days - very creditable. But it's getting a little like another (music) forum that I followed for 20 years, of which 'critical mass' descended gradually - there was nothing left to say. It suddenly disappeared... and some of the few remaining users are meeting up physically this summer.

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In all the years I’ve owned Sevens, that’s the first I’ve seen Jon!

If setting up a pseudonym on Facebook and not having any friends connected to the account stops all the nonsense coming through, I may give that a try.
Gotta be in it to win it! Use it in the way you need to - Zuckerberg is only trying to do the same to you... it's a big corporate game.

In short, you WILL get naff FB suggestions in your "feed". But don't read it, just navigate to your "groups" to see their activity just like you do the forum here. "Austin Seven" has 7500 registered. "Austin 7 Spares/cars for sale" group is also good - run by Joe Faulkner.. 4500 registered. Yes, a lot of them probably aren't active or intelligent. But interesting threads develop and answers are often quick.
Personally Jon I find facebook groups extremely difficult to navigate and find any really worthwhile information on, especially if you want to refer back to something later on. At least on here there is a search function, abet one that dosen't work particularly well and things are organised into threads. Much as I may have the odd gripe about A7 friends it is still in my opinion THE best source of Austin 7 information and has been for a long time.
Black Art Enthusiast
That witches hat should be easy enough to make if anyone really wants one...It would really slow down oil replenishing though IMHO.
Thank you for posting that, Jon...
(17-06-2024, 08:47 AM)Duncan Grimmond Wrote: That witches hat should be easy enough to make if anyone really wants one...It would really slow down oil replenishing though IMHO.

I can confirm it does!
It certainly does. I've had a couple of cars that came with one - soon abandoned.


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