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anyone know any of these 1930 Chummies?
These are straight off the survivors list but may be mis-identified as short scuttle tourers rather than the last long scuttles. I'd also like to see if we can find some more body numbers - Can anyone help put me in touch with an owner? Some may be foreign plates.

DD 168
BS 9623 identified at Centenary by TG
VJ 2936 now identified as AE by photo - thanks to NL
UB 3940 identified at Centenary by TG
LG 4667 now identified as AE....
TK 4751
OG 2356
YC 9981
MW 7502
GH 2863 now confirmed AE
GJ 2250
PL 1505
PO 2596
JK 1303
SVS 244
X 2230 (SL)
ZV 92017 - listed as 30 Chummy in Centenary brochere
DR 7354 now confirmed likely AE
484 A
G 1495
LG 4976
YD 440
SV 5633
HX 1275
CP 8710
BZ 4343
Memory is slightly dim, but I think I owned DR7354 in the early 1980s. I sold it to the late Gerald Walker who sold it many years later to a man in Yorkshire who still had it last year. I will try to trace his name and address.
excellent, Robert - thankyou! Presumably you may remember if it was traditional long scuttle AE.... or the first of the louvred bonnet ones?
GH 2863 is owned by my father and has been in our family for 60+ years.  The car is a short scuttle AE, I believe its incorrectly logged in the register as an AF although it is a mid 1930 build.  I stand to be corrected on this. 

brilliant Louis - might I encourage you to have a look in the middle of the front section of prop tunnel and uncover the six figure body number?  I'll update the AE with the Registrar.. and add the body if you can find one! thanks Jon

The crucial difference is (AE) long versus (AF) short scuttle, plain short bonnet (that we think of as 'chummy') versus the first of the taller rads and vented bonnets. AE is here with mid sized rad as per RK/RF... the booklet gets the AF wrong as it IS still aluminium, not steel until the one after.
.png   Austin AE Tourer differences.png (Size: 380.17 KB / Downloads: 372)
I will have a search for the body number when I am next with the car.  I know it is there but can't remember off the top of my head. Our car pictured below.
.jpg   WhatsApp Image 2024-05-29 at 10.19.49_b14d2fcc.jpg (Size: 51.75 KB / Downloads: 367)
Jon, you talk of vented bonnets, but the very early long bonnets were not vented. This variation was only done for a very short time, and the only one I knew in the 1960s had holes in the bonnet sides to improve cooling.
presumably like the first RLs then? I will have to go in search of a picture online.. I imagine, as per the RL, they look better but ran worse!
Astonishing that the "long" bonnets were made not only in different lengths but with three different sides: plain, the louvres in two pressings with a plain section between (uncommon, I know of only three cars with them) and the louvres one pressing. In other words, three expensive press tools had to be made in something like 5 months.
Hi Jon

Did you try a google image search using the number plates? you'll find a few that way and be able to confirm the body type. it may also give some clues as to who has them... I did the first four to get you started and two showed up...

.jpg   google.jpg (Size: 150.89 KB / Downloads: 231)

.jpg   google2.jpg (Size: 92.5 KB / Downloads: 231)

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