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A Merry Christmas when you shop in your Pram Hood Chummy
A Merry Christmas to all those who Christmas shop in their Pram Hood Chummy. Click the picture for a full-resolution copy.

Complaints already! Dozens of men have emailed to say that Christmas shopping is not like that at all, it's blooming well like this.

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Speaking of Chummies I went to look at a pile of. bits today, pretty much a complete car as far back as the scuttle, two doors no rear bodywork.There is what is left of a fairly "rescueable"  bulkhead  In the old log book it's described as an open tourer, has the sticks for a hood but the radiator shell is decidedly Ruby? Apparently a local seven boffin says it was built on a turning point between models... chassis no 195566 reg JB 4""7. with the inner side cheeks(?) bent back against it, rear mounted fuel tank.
Is this a real one or an aglomeration? I didn't expect what I found as I wanted the basis for another special but have always fancied a Chummy and wouldn't want to destroy a viable unusual car for the sake of my self indulgence...

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It looks like either a 2-seater or an Open Road Tourer from the Ruby era - both on the long-wheelbase chassis of course.

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The chassis number and registration number both date from around May 1934, which would suggest the car should have a chrome radiator rather than the Ruby cowl - the hood sticks will presumably be the clue as to whether it's an AH four seater or a PD 2-seater.
Hi Duncan

I’m going to stick my neck out here and say that I don’t think this is a rescuable four or two seat tourer. With no bodywork past the scuttle you’d be forced into remanufacturing some pretty complex steelwork. And with some ambiguity as to whether it’s a two seat or four seat tourer you may end up with a compromised vehicle.

I’d say it’s ripe for a special. Especially one created by yourself which will undoubtedly be a fine vehicle.


Possibly an AAK Tourer with that combination of instrument panel and grill. Lots of potential in that pile of bits.
Thanks for your vote of confidence Howard. My original intention was to build a new special but I'm conflicted by the potential of what I've found! As the price is very fair I think I'll just buy it and see what inspires me.
I'm not familiar with the AAK Tourer, I'll have to do a bit of further research...

Only 15 known on the register.

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Thanks for the image and further information. If there was anything at all left of the bodywork aft of the door edges I might consider a rebuild but that would be slow and very costly...I don't do woodwork to any good standard so an ash frame would have to be commissioned, possible but pricey. Then the inner and outer wing shells and connected bits though possible would be a major project in steel...
If there is someone out there with the appropriate bits as a starting point to add to what is extant let me know and I'll add that grist to the mill
Duncan, there is a long wheelbase box saloon body on ebay. Could you use this to recreate the rear body? it might be easier than starting from scratch. My sketchy understanding of the AAK is that it used a 1934 chrome rad tourer body with a Ruby front. The bonnet sides and rear wings are unique to this model but if you already have the scuttle, screen, instruments and grille you'd not be missing much.

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