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A Merry Christmas to all those Ruby owners who also enjoy skiing
A Merry Christmas to all those Ruby owners who also enjoy skiing - especially on vintage wooden skies with leather bindings.

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 So you like a challenge.......not to leave Nippy owners out try substitute skies for canoo and put snow all round.!!
Ekshually it's not a canoo, but it is a kayak...
Well, with snow and ice, I suppose one option might be a frozen lake. How are these? After all, if it's all frozen the Kayak will act as a super sledge! Did you catch this image:

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I notice that Janet managed to slip out of the passenger seat to ease the crick in her neck...and she took the nearside windscreen stay with her!
Yes, missing bits I fear are often part of the processes used in this example - but are easily corrected given lots more time at it.
Look carefully and Janet is there minus her NS hair.
The reason for the missing bits is the "Super Clever" AI Photoshop Beta that fills in the background. But, I fear that we are still in the crystal-radio age of AI; while it can handle simple pictures pretty well, anything complicated often needs hours of time-consuming hand work to get it right. Once a basic job is done, it can be marked as successful or not - on a sliding scale -  and then sent to the Adobe servers in the USA. As a result, in the last 6 months, there have been weekly updates to the Beta edition of Photoshop and some small improvements are obvious. As a result, some aspects of the AI system are now included in the ordinary version of Photoshop, but with limited functionality. Photoshop AI Beta is a bit like those magic programs that promise to sort out all your business taxes with zero effort on one's part - they simply don't do the job well enough.
The very best Photoshop results are always the result of much hard graft - and some Photoshop user groups won't touch any of the automated systems built into it, preferring to do everything the hard way. e.g. the skiing pictures with different models of the Seven behind are all "hand built".
When I began my career in the world of publishing I was retouching pictures (or half tones as we used to call them) using a brush and a range of paints in various shades from black to white….so bear with me for half an hour while I paint in the windscreen stay!
That's very interesting - it must have been great fun to do it by hand.
Converting your B & W image to colour didn't help the resolution, so here's the result with the resolution improved and most of the details intact.

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