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Another card for your entertainment
Another card for your entertainment. If you'd like to download it for your own use, please so go ahead. Sometimes, as with this one, clicking on the image will give you a much clearer, higher-resolution copy.

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Is she holdinga pair of halfshafts?
(03-12-2023, 07:11 PM)Nick Salmon Wrote: Is she holdinga pair of halfshafts?

She's a well-prepared young lady. Even the leather straps are intact.
The skis, the skis! I think we know where they might end up.
I think you need water skis for that Steve!
Ivor, that’s very generous of you to think that she might have whizzed down a hill and ended up in Bala Lake. Less kind people were being reminded of a certain err.. car dealer whose “specials” featured skis as mudguards.

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