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Screw thread on Vacuum wiper
Hi all just a quick question. I can't identify the screw thread for the two mounting screws that hold  the wiper unit to the windshield frame. Can someone confirm what they are please?

.jpg   DSC_1071s.JPG (Size: 28.86 KB / Downloads: 368)
Picture is from the internet. My wiper unit is this type.
Mine have a thread diameter of 0.16" - and a 3BA tap fits.
I'll make up the screws from some brass stock.

Another question:
I made up new leather seals as per the instructions on You Tube (posted by Austin Seven RP 1934) and would like to know if those in the know can tell me if the leather needs to be lubricated with anything? 
I'm not getting a really good seal with the ones I made. I wonder if the leather thickness has something to do with it or do I need to lubricated the leather? Does the leather need to have the smooth surface outside contacting the cylinder wall or should the tanned and dyed side need to be the contact surface?

Any tricks you've used to make things work properly?

Than ks,
I recall that Frank Stoll wrote a very informative paper on refurbishing vacuum wiper motors, but I can’t find it at the moment. I seem to recall it was a PDF file and the link was in one of his posts. You may find the information you need in there.
David, the tutorial on you-tube was his and I followed the instructions for making new leather seals / washers. No information was given on lubrication of the leather or if that was required. So I'm still trying to find out.
The smooth side of the leather bears against the cylinder wall and I used just a little ordinary engine oil and my wipers still work!
Thanks for the links Chris, I've already studied both of those in detail but they didn't really tell what I wanted to know.

I think I may have discovered part of the problem. The dimensions given for the mold to form the  leather cups in is about 1/16" too small in diameter and the depth should be increased by about the same amount when comparing the one original cup to the ones the mold produced. I will make two new ones and to these larger dimensions and see how that goes.

The issue of lubrication is still something I want to find out about.
I have a refurb kit for one of these wipers still in the original box it was supplied in, it was given to me when I bought one of these vacuum wipers down at Beaulieu autojumble about five years ago and I am sure there was a small tube of lubricant in the box with all the leather washers and a few other bits and bobs, I think I know where it is in one of my sheds , I will find it today and get my son to download a photo of it and see what kind of oil is in the container regards to all Rob.
I think the second link covers the question of lubrication Steve? (Though it spoils you for choice - mineral oil, linseed oil, Russian tallow or Vaseline...)

If still stuck, to the best of my knowledge Don Brakespear is still renovating vacuum wipers and I don't doubt he'd happily give you some pointers.

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