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Thanks for these photos, very interesting. To cope with the size and length of the gearbox do you have to do away with the brake cross-shaft, or is the use of hydraulic brakes incidental?
My car had hydraulics when I got it. I would have removed it anyway. The 'A' series box is tall top to bottom with mount bracket under it that sits on the longitudinal...front to back chassis member with all the big holes in it....also a second longitudinal member fitted so bracket bolted to both.
The Toyota box is wider than high; lid unbolts, being the top half of the box, revealing all the innards with nothing going "Ping"; it is all alloy box. Big snag.....spares no longer available from Toyota.......anyone got any spares for T50 let me know!!!!.
(Toyota Corolla, Carina.....2 litre and 1300) (plus other models I think.)

The "A" series prop-shaft fits in its gearbox on sliding splines. The tube of the shaft can be separated from the lump that is the splined end piece by hacksawing/grinding/machining the existing weld. Once off this reveals a spigot (round sticking out bit) and the diameter of that part was a good push fit in the end of my 7 prop-shaft tube, would you believe, and needed just the tiniest bit of lining up prior to welding up!!!!! Shorter resulting prop gave no UJ problems with angle of movement of axle up and down even in trials.
Toyota installation will have even shorter prop! and I will use UJs with grease nipples.


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