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Years ago, I saw a Ruby with pneumatic controls on the steering wheel - it was in the London area at the time and did a London to Brighton run in about 2001. If memory serves me right, the conventional controls were still working with the pneumatics superimposed on the linkages.
The car which Chris Blakey drove to Japan was an RTC Special which had previously belonged to Dave Bonnett. When Dave had it he needed it converted to hand control because of leg problems. This was done by Dave Williams (The Austineers), and the conversion was very satisfactory. I did drive the car but memory is fading. There was a typical double hand lever under the steering wheel I think, one lever being pulled towards the wheel to accelerate, pushed away to brake, and the other operating the clutch through a servo. It was  very similar to a system my disabled father had on his DAF, but that needed no clutch arrangement, of course. I suggest contacting Dave Bonnett  who is a thoroughly nice person, and I am sure he would not mind relating what he remembers about his car. Whether Dave Williams can help at all I don't know (I believe he had a stroke which has restricted his activity a lot). I hope these are some useful pointers.
Unfortunately, Chris Blakey is also a recent stroke victim, I believe.

 The hand controls from the RTC may since have been fitted to a Ruby van conversion (also done by Dave Williams), which is being well used.
Love to see the A-Series fitment, so any pics would be good.
Good morning. My Dad has the van with the hand controls . I will try and add some pics that I have .

Pictures.....they may help

Brake on left operates pedal ( levers to pedal)
The two controls on the right side of the steering wheel operate the throttle ( levers to pedal)and clutch (operating vaccum actuator via clutch pedal )
Vaccum collected into tank under passenger floor from intake.

Vacuum side
If anybody would like to see the van in person you are more than welcome to come and see the van at my Dads house . He is based in Southampton. Or if you need any more information and I can help please message.
Thanks Paul
Bloody hell Dennis!! My love to you and Janet as alwaysXxx hope you get the nippy back on the road soon. My first Austin experience in that car which lead to my own garage now full of Austin bitsWink

‘Nippy’ recovery to you and a ‘speedy’ return to being active again - no pun intended!

Seriously though thinking of you both, Much lovesX
Ross O-C
Thanks thought the 948 went well...just wait til I can hopefully take you out with the 1275 fitted and hand controlled....scares me a bit. Hopefully you can get some of those bits together on the road......the special you were working on?? Not seen you for some time.....still really remember you as that little Lad, though remember you enjoying driving your Dad's Riley.
(29-11-2023, 06:02 PM)Bluebird7 Wrote: Love to see the A-Series fitment, so any pics would be good.

Sump close to chassis after moving engine slightly to nearside to make room for clutch slave on


Sump a bit modified to help clear chassis


Clutch master cyl on top of bulkhead...brake master fits next to and outboard.


Floor gearbox cover beginning.




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PDavies ..thanks for the pics.  My set up is likely to be quite different.

Plenty of room for the Webber but its filter might need a slight bulge in the bonnet. 


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