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another on ebay
This saloon suitable for restoration looks a bit dear to me at £4k, is it?

Is it on Ruby 17 inch wheels? Will that improve the gearing or be too big a change?

And what looks to be wrong with the position of the back wheel here?

HC head! Bowdenex front brakes! Timber from Indian building materials pallet! Oh, and some exclamation marks.
Interesting cross-over model: RN-style waist moulding but no vertical rear seams, 4-speed gearbox and RP-style instrument panel.
Looks in good order, correct wheels and tires and a days work would see it going. A rare fixed head model.
I have long wondered if this model and the RP would originally have had a moulded rubber cover to the gearbox. It has been mentioned by some that there would have been, but no one I know has actually seen one. 
This car seems to have the remains of a moulded gearbox cover, see the strengthening ribs and raised moulded edge around the gear lever turret.
I have found that covering the gearbox has a major impact on the noise levels in the car, helps prevent fumes entering the cabin and no doubt heat/dust/insects etc. 
If that is a genuine cover, I think it would be good to get an impression from it, so that new ones could be moulded.
However perhaps you know more/better/have one already?
I would be delighted to hear more please
I would think the rubber gear box cover has been picked up from a scrap yard as have the 17" wheels.why put the gear markings on twice?

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.jpg   4-speed gearbox cover possibly 2.jpg (Size: 149.29 KB / Downloads: 654)
.jpg   4-speed gearbox cover possibly.jpg (Size: 288.07 KB / Downloads: 656)
It looks like the remains of a Big7 gearbox cover.
A similar question arose on Facebook when someone posted a pic of a rare Ruby rubber gearbox cover. I have my doubts. As Ruairidh says I think they are either Big Seven (or Ten) ones, repurposed. Box saloons did have tunnel covers though...

(27-11-2023, 09:43 PM)Ruairidh Dunford Wrote: It looks like the remains of a Big7 gearbox cover.

It's not Big 7, they have a moulded piece to cover the gear lever, rather than the bead shown. Maybe Austin 10?

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