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Desperately Seeking Speedex
Apart from a shameless attempt to bring your attention to my post asking for a Speedex alloy wheel in the Wants section, I am trying to re-establish contact with a number of cars that were on the Speedex register but have since been sold on without the new owners details being passed on... (no names, no pack drill)

If you happen to own a Speedex in any state or form or know of one lurking nearby, I would love to hear from you via the registrar's email address, 
there is a wealth of information available via the Speedex Information Exchange.

I'd be equally happy with tales and or photos of ones you owned previously (perhaps prefaced with a trigger warning if you cut them up to make an Ulsteroid)... particularly if you haven't already shared them with Ian Clayton or Dave Armstrong previously. 

And that elusive badge... ever hopeful one day one will turn up...
There was someone casting replica wheels a few years ago when I had a Speedex 750.
Well, can’t help but I got told off by the VSCC secretary many years ago for using speedex wheels on my Ulster.
Alan Fairless
(24-04-2023, 05:56 PM)dickie65 Wrote: There was someone casting replica wheels a few years ago when I had a Speedex 750.

Thanks Dickie. Were the details of your car on the register? 

The replica wheels have s different offset but I'd settle for a set of four.
My car was on the register AYC 502
I sold it on ebay and it went to france as far as I know.
I bought four Speedex wheels and cad plated nuts at Longbridge in 1982
I fitted them to an Ashley Special DXC 805 and the Ashley has been through several owners and still sported the Speedex wheels when I last saw it.

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