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Dynamator refurbishment
Hi Dave,

I sent you an email in November and one in December and a PM from this site also in December - did you receive them? Hopefully we can all catch up during 2024.

Best wishes,  Jeff.
I've had e mail problems for the last couple of months and only recently sorted.

Sincere apologies Dave Mann, my comments re sent emails etc were directed towards the OP - my old friend Dave Armstrong aka Speedex750.

Whilst I don't have a dynamator I do think it worth pointing out that this thread (I think) was originally concerned with the Accuspark Dynamator but had morphed to the Powerspark dynamator. My understanding is that, although the name and logo are exactly the same, the companies and their dynamator units are different, or not... All confusing for us mere mortals.
However, if I read correctly the Accuspark unit has ceased production following a number of problems, including the gear wheel profile, and the Powerspark one appears to be entering production, who knows...
Enjoy yourself, it's later than you think!
There are connections that exist between the two companies.
The owners of Powerlite and Accuspark used to jointly own Sparkrite.


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