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Side screens
My 1929 AE Chummy has a set of 4 (2 each side) side screens, they fit well but I’m sure not original - they have been with the car for many years.
So, has anyone got a ‘proper’ set of 8 (4 each side) side screens , or even the frames and hinges that they would like to sell please ?

Also, is there a difference between AD and AE side screens ?


Very briefly earlier this year I had a 28 AD and a 30 AE.

The celluloid on the screens on the AE were better, so I considered keeping them for the AD. They certainly fitted in the holes in the door, though the details were not all the same.

The AE ones were duck (as was the hood), the AD in vynul (as the hood - most of the rest in either original rexine or vynul). So they didnt fit the AD well visually. So both cars kept the side screens they had come with.

Interestingly, before the decision was made the AD screens were rejuvenated superbly by cleaning with them with Pampers Sensitive wet wipes, and while still wet drying off with paper towels. Before I started I couldn't see through them. They are now perfectly fine, though one is a little yellow, and another a little scratched (which I didn't do).

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