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sorry you missed it
Hi all,

Sorry you missed the A47 autojumble and show.

Overcast wheather, but a good tur out. Filled the top and bottom field.

Austin 7 turn out getting better. I counted SIX. But there could be others that left before I got around to taking pics.

As usual I was talking.



If you are looking to buy?




There was also a very nice Gordon England cup,

Sorry to say I cant get it to upload.

Maybe some else will have pics.

Thanks tony.

I think I've got it?

Gremlins in the works

If you like this sort of thing

UI 6057. Now there's a car that has quite a story and a number of incarnations!

Hi Tony

GT 40s I think.  I had one in the seventies……. 1 / 42nd scale that ran on my Scalextric track  Big Grin Big Grin.


If you fancy something a bit bigger.



I always love to see the front of a studebaker.

Someone got our pictures coming in by the looks! Was great to catch up with everyone and yourself 
.jpeg   2D2C7B6B-3A2B-4510-B550-92EF89DE4A31.jpeg (Size: 144.81 KB / Downloads: 285)
(30-08-2021, 03:56 PM)Tony Betts Wrote: If you like this sort of thing

GT 40s in the foreground, there are a lot of kit car replicas of these around, some are quite convincing. Looks like a Jaguar XJR 9 in the background, remember seeing those race at Le Mans in the 1980s, seriously impressed seeing Andy Wallace light the rear up whilst travelling at enormous speed on his qualifying lap -ISTR that he was on pole that year, not that it's important in a 24 hour race.
hi joe,

thanks for that, i take it they were facebook or something simular.

i only ever get to see pictures of my own car static Big Grin

hi stuart,

i dont know if they were original or replicas, they looked good, sounded as good, and drew A LOT of attension.

for me, and my opinion only. is i dont mind if they are original or repro. the main thing is they are being used. and if they are repros, there were plenty of people who were inspired by them being there.

thanks tony
Hi Tony,
I was pleased to see the GT 40,s and it brought back memories of the 3rd May 2002 on the Isle of Man taking part in a round of the Bert Hadley Memorial Championship. 

On this day we were at the Creg-Ny-Baa hill climb and Bob Stirling in his Ulster and me in my Wragg single seater both recorded faster times than any of the GT 40's.  It made many of the spectators very happy.
Regards  Peter
hi peter,

Big Grin i think we will have to call that one horses for courses Big Grin

they dont look like they would enjoy a tight hill climb with sharp cornering.

BUT. we might struggle a little bit to keep up. on a 0 to 200 mph drag race Angel 

OR perhaps a lap or 2 at mallory.


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