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its not quick.

it dont go.

it dont stop.

i try taiking people out of them.

would you sell with these not so enthusiasts.

I've never heard so much cr&p talked by Mr Matthewson. Also the car is NOT an Ulster.
Oh, but the range of Saab colours in them days. I had a 99 in Lime Green, probably even more awful than the colour of the 96 behind the hilarious speil from a certain car salesman.
Well at least he said it was based on a Ruby when its turn came up for sale.
£12,500 for a special.
Voice over kept calling it an Ulster.
steady boys.

do remember the car is now a new austin seven owners pride and joy.

and i welcome hime to join our happy group.

however, as an auction. whos job is to sell cars. not tell us how crap they are. Angry
for someone who claims to know most things about old cars and makes such a broad sweeping statement seemingly never to have driven one more than a few yards I will make a statement of my own " what a twat " regards to all Rob. _
You forgot it doesn't steer and it's a 1935 Ulster! He also has a Swallow that he doesn't drive just looks at it.
Like most of them it's not a ulster!
My problem I ask questions that other people don't like?
Like have you got that for an investment or for fun?
It’s not quick, who can argue, the brakes are not brilliant, but has character in bundles. Gives you that vintage feel of when motoring was in its infancy. Will we get there, will my knowledge of the car get me though . The excitement of driving a car that approaches 100 years old on a continental run of 2 thousand miles plus does it for me. I just love an Austin seven
I am always interested in any information about Rosengart details or current owners.
Slow. Little brakes. Frightful handling. Cramped. Noisy. Switch clutch. Crash gearbox. Poor lights - and that's why it's more than fun to beat superior cars in one.

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