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Chassis wanted
Dear all, 
I’m planning on building a car from scratch, and I’m looking for a genuine clearly stamped chassis from the years 28’-34’, to be able to go through the correct process with club and DVLA in putting the finished car on the road. 
Very much appreciate any and all help.
Stroud Auctions, now renamed Harper Field, are to sell two chassis, one being the remains of a 1927 Chummy, and the other of unknown date being mounted upside down and back to front on the first to give a towing point. The '27 car has registration VF1579 and a buff log book. The March issue of The Automobile has some pictures.
aren't they the ones which have been through once already, Robert?

Brice, what about taking on the lovely unskinned special which is in one of the other updated threads? Lots of work to do but some fantastic bits there.
Thank you both kindly, I’ll look into each suggestion. As it stands I have most items ready to attach to a suitable chassis.
If you would like to contact me I might be able to assist. 
Graham Beckett
Thank you Graham, I’ll call tomorrow morning.

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