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Front bearings
I put up that page from the Trader handbook tongue in cheek not as a serious suggestion. It was a 1950 advertisement, presumably a viable proposition at a time of shortages after the War.
Tony Press wrote:

Unfortunately knocking angular contact bearings apart can indent the balls causing later problems.

Using unmatched balls defeats the purpose of the original set of carefully matched balls.

Yes Tony, probably counts as "bad practice" these days. But it did keep my Ruby on the road as a penniless apprentice forty five years ago and didn't cause problems in reality. The takeaway is that corrosion in the tracks will lead to complete failure in a very short time so however you choose to inspect second hand bearings, make sure you're confident that there aren't any rust pits present.

These days, I use new bearings (reduced width pairs are available in the UK) exclusively as it isn't worth messing about with old ones. 

So what should I do with the drawer full of used N1919 sets in the garage??
From one of our cherished suppliers, can not remember which one though.

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