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Handbrake Cover Plate Question
Hi Everyone,

I feel a bit embarrassed to ask this question as I feel I should know the answer already. I hoping you may be able to sanity check my understanding?

I purchased this this 'handbrake cover plate' some time ago and I'm just getting round to refurbishing it now. I'm just beginning to doubt if is right for my car (36 Nippy). I don't think the designed changed much until the Ruby came along?

I'm trying to work out if the piece that covers the back of the gearbox is an individual panel that bolts on top, or is it meant to be part of the handbrake cover panel?

I've borrowed a picture of a Type 65 from the Nippy archive.

Thanks for your time.


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hi matthew,

the one you have is for a 1931 / 32 car. reverse starter, and floor mounted starter button.

Even with a better non-sports one, you are still going to have to bend up the front section and rivet a rear section on. I was wondering if they were a good candidate for someone to make a glassfibre one from a mould - I'm presuming that the steel pressing process would be pretty involved. Perhaps you might be the man to do it!
Hi Tony,

Thanks for that, much appreciated. I was suspicious it wasn't right and didn't want to and start refurbing it. It was one my early purchases 'jump in without doing proper research first' lesson learned there.

Would I be correct in thinking that there are separate panels and the the handbrake cover I would need is a fully rectangular panel with no cut outs?


Good afternoon. My 1931 RN is missing the panel that you have but I do have a panel like the one in the photo of the type 65.

I will happily send photos of my panel if you could email me at should you be interested in a swap.

Regards from the creative county - Staffordshire

the power of the forum!
Hi Stuart,

Thanks for your reply, I swap would definitely work for me thanks for offering, I'll send you an email now.

Hi Jon,

Sorry I've just seen your reply, I'll certainly look into it if I can swap the one with Stuart. I don't have much experience with fibreglass but I have some good metalworking tools so I will see how easy they to fabricate.



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