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Chummy Fuel Tank Removal
As a result of a leak (or three) from the fuel tank on my recently acquired 1929 Chummy, I intend to remove the tank for investigation.  Other than the obvious safety precautions, is there a recommended or best practice procedure for doing this?  I have identified 4 bolts that secure it and will clearly need to remove the bonnet and the fuel pipe.  The steering column is located by one of the bolts but other than that it looks almost straightforward.  My experience suggests that nothing is straightforward once you start fiddling. What am I missing?  Many thanks in anticipation.  Neil C
Please disconnect the battery!
Neil. It should be as you have stated. Two bolts on the dash board and two on the bulkhead. Take the bonnet and bonnet support strip off with the horn.

It is straightforward.
Thanks, guys. I will crack on... Guess what the next few questions will entail!
My first guess is how can I stop the fuel tap leaking!
Thank you for the advice, everyone.  Just to close the thread, I removed the tank with ease, degreased it, etched it and sloshed it with tank sealant (POR-15) which appears to have been successful.  The dashboard bolts required considerable  dexterity when refitting.  Perseverance and foul language, it seems, are fine bedfellows.

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