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Unreasonable wife !
Dear All
Please share a shred of sympathy for me as 'she who must be obeyed' has decreed that I am banned from the garage today.

All I wanted was to finish giving my RN its engine spruce up after treating it to some new valves and a shiny new head gasket.

Apparently there's some sort of special meal that can't be eaten with oily fingers so I've had to concede in the interests of marital harmony.

Considering she originates from the Longbridge area I would have thought that she would have realised the importance of the moment1

Looks like I'll have to wait until tomorrow to get the car up and running so it will be ready not to go anywhere until this Covid thing passes.

Happy Christmas to you all and a better and active new year to all A7 nuts
Barry Townsend

Get an Austin 7 they said, it's easy to work on they said !
Buy an Austin 7 they said, It's easy to work on they said !
My heart goes out to you Barry, Life gets complicated at this time of year but just as Boris and Ursula found out compromise my boy is easier than falling out............. Say you'll do the washing up whilst HiD takes a nap , and sneak out for a quick fiddle.  Have a peaceful happy and safe Christmas.
Yes I got a hint that she doesn’t approve of my Austin habit.  She gave me this. Perhaps I’ll take her at her word.

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Alan Fairless
I weny out for a dog walk this morning and sneaked into the garage on the way back into the garden and fired the 65 up. I have a carb leak to deal with, sticky needlevalve I suspect, Its an SU so a job for boxing day.
I did get caught out by the smoke coming out of the garage patio doors !!!!
Are you all men or mice!
Give me some cheese and I'll let you know dave Big Grin
I’m definitely a tactical mouse. One has to pick ones battle
I am always interested in any information about Rosengart details or current owners.
I've caught five mice in the garage over Christmas (released to the wild) and since I have to deal with them my status is secure.
My excuse for entering my garage over the holiday period is that I have to check the mice traps! Unlike Mick's, my traps are of a type that ensure that any mice they catch are very dead. However, I'm told dead mice attract more mice so they need to disposed of as soon as possible hence regular 'inspections'.

My son is with me and as we both live alone so are free to spend all day in the garage.
We've fixed the strange front brake problem. It was pulling violently left on the handbrake, uncoupled brakes. Spent a lot of time messing about with everything.
As a last resort we swapped the brake cable from side to side. Problem fixed. Rather surprising.
We have more to do today. Adjust steering box, strip and paint headlights. Drive it round The Borders.
We're fettling after a cosmetic restoration. Chassis straightened where it was bowed. It and the back axle cleaned and painted. Changed front axle for a better one. Brakes all relined, various parts replaced.
Wings completely restored by a friend who is an artist in steel.
Very pleased with the result.

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