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Hello, this is my first post so please be gentle with me.
I have just been lucky enough to become the new owner of a 1930/1 (?) boat tail GPD 729 (Percie) chassis no 125547 engine no M104862. This was owned by the late Chris Chubb who managed the boat tail register.
Unfortunately his son lived a considerable distance from him and did not share his interest in old cars.
So, could I respectfully ask if any members could throw any light on the history of Percie or share any information or stories they might have please. Lastly, could someone please tell me who is now managing the boat tail register.
Rather than "clog up" the forum with a "my new car" type thread, it might be better to PM me. but leave that to (hopefully potential) replies.
Thank you all for making this such a superb forum.
Hi Charlie

Lucky indeed. Early boat tails are lovely!

I think your car may be very late 1930 judging by the chassis and engine numbers.

Can’t help with details of your particular car but I’m surprised by the three digit three number registration.  I thought two digit four number registrations were still going in 1930? Others may know better?



PS A photo would be nice
Roger Bugg has taken over the Boat-Tail Register; his details are in the next Association Mag (2021A), but I'll pm his details to you, Charlie.
Is this the car?

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Glad to hear Percie has found a new home. I know Chris had been trying to find a home (he joked with me a few years back that it had shrunk and was no longer easy to get into; Chris had wanted to put his efforts into their new LWB van project)
It had a number of 'improvements' over the years for modern use, and ironically he felt that may have prevented an easy sale at the time. But good news for a buyer I'd say. If you pm I'll recount what I can remember, and who has worked on it.

My own GPC is a very late Guildford plate (in relation to Austin 7 production run) so it's likely that it has a plate change at some time. There must be a write up on Percie in one of the grey mag indexes? Perhaps it was just registered very late.
Many thanks for the replies re Percie the boat tail. We were hoping someone might know something but were not prepared for what came up.
Howard, yes we were not sure about the reg, as you say most other cars of similar age are 2plus 4 but thanks to Colins marvellous photo we now know it's been like that since 1956. Will put up photo soon, as interior is stripped as we had a long journey over to France with it and it got soaked on the way, seats and carpets now being dried by the wood burner.
Colin, can't thank you enough for photo. How on earth did you find/recall it? Staggering to think I was 2years old when it was taken. Our thanks again.
JonE, thank you for getting in touch, have replied by PM as you requested.
Regards to all, Charlie.
Hi Charlie
Great to hear that Percie has a new custodian Chris told me he bought 'him' late summer 1966 for £35 He sent me a Christmas card some years ago with a photograph of the car at that time Sadly I do not have the ability to send you a copy but will do so when with someone who can                                                
         Best wishes 
The GPD registration dates from 1938; I have no explanation for how the car came to be re-registered.
The old picture came up with the simple search for "GPD 729" Austin in Google Images.  Google is good at spotting number plates - it really is mind-bogglingly clever - I cannot take any credit.

Yes, the Chassis Register on the site lists the registration date as being 22nd March 1938.

There is an old on-line advert - not sure of the year - that gives some information about the car:

Brian, many thanks for your help and kind offer of copy of Xmas card. We found the address of the seller to Chris on the old green logbook, and Percie then lived at Carshalton (where my wife was born). Could have done with you not telling us about the £35 price tag. But then if Chris had it 53 years he got his monies worth.
Colin, thanks for showing auctioneers advert, another mystery as Roger (Boat tail register) mentioned "racing engine" but was not aware this was done by Pigsty (if auctioneer is correct) until we read the advert. Our thanks again.

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