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28-32 back axle
Hi All

I’ve asked before and I know they are like hens teeth but just in case.  Anyone got either a screw in tt axle or a long nose 31 to 32 axle.  Condition not important.  I have innards but need the banjo, tt and tubes.  Please pm me if you can help.


Within the last couple of weeks there was a trailer for sale (by an Austin Ten owner I think...) with a banjo axle and Seven wheels on on Fleabay.   It was listed at least twice and doesn't show up on "sold' items.  It might be worth a message to the A10DC people (it was in Bristol area I believe). I hope this leads somewhere for you. Good luck with your hunt.
(True satisfaction is the delayed fulfilment of ancient wish)
Thanks Bob

I will send them a message.


In case of interest I have PM'd you Howard.

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Presumably the trailer is the one now listed [Only registered and activated users can see the links Click here to register] ?
Possibly but no torque tube. Can’t believe the price this has reached.

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