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motorbike glasses/reflectors?
has anyone tried one of these... or any of the other 6 1/2" fare?
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Not sure what the bulb fitting is, but would save the faff of having to bond glass to new reflector units.
The glass is not the correct appearance though?
Good morning Jon. Thanks for the link I'm going to purchace a pair to evaluate them.

However where originality is important I'm happy to faff.

Regards from the creative county - Staffordshire

Hi Stuart, a slight feeling of deja vu about this topic between you and I. I use, with no regard to the pattern on the glass looking authentic, 61/2" Stanley reflector units - which take a BA20D bulb- ex 1960s I think Honda motorcycles. They take an integral sidelight bulb also. With Chinese double dipping LEDs and a LED B9a sidelight bulb they give me very acceptable night vision. The headlight bulbs require 12V so I use a DC-DC up convertor from 6v battery voltage. Sadly these units are like hen's teeth but I see no reason why other M/C 61/2" units wouldn't perform equally well.
I feel I must say that, in my experience, the front "lens" which is cleverly designed and multi facetted, on modern reflector units is key to the performance, not least the production of a "flat topped" beam.
I'm so glad for those last two posts! I was beginning to think that the forum didn't have many people running specials or keen to save money. For my mind, the flat glass frosted would be perfect for those who are having to presently cut bathroom window glass , and the same supplier also does some ones which are very similar to the curved Ruby. For a pair of reflectors, with glass, for £22.50 presently... I've used several of the A7W type pairs very successfully, but they are pretty pricey now by comparison.

Stuart - do you think that the flat ones would fit in the rim to a L133 and look ok, or shall I try the Miller pattern ones and evaluate those too?
Hi Jon, I've ordered a pair to try them with 35/32 and LB130 rims. they wont fit Ruby rims as they are shaped to accommodate Ruby glasses.


not having a Ruby glass to hand (but with flat glass presently annoyingly glued into L133 rims and looking quite ok...) I wondered whether they might physically fit. But do these look akin to the Ruby glasses at their edges? I'm not worried about originality, just a workable light.
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I bought a pair of the ones above to try in L133 rims and they fit perfectly. They have since got even cheaper - barely over 20 quid for two units with glasses. Their wiring blocks need fettling work (you buy these separately) and the "male" bit on the back of the reflector on my pair was a bit bent/splayed so needs some dremelling/bending to get the connectors on, but if you want some generic Ruby replacements with BPF lens capability for something where originality is not important, it's a no brainer. The reflector bits are pleasingly thick too.
Mine didn't ship from India - they arrived in days from Birmingham. But the advert suggests they might come from there, perhaps.

Does anyone have a motorcycle source of new generic rims for flat glass units i.e. pre34. i.e. something like DU42 or MU42 which are convertable. Adding a return on a crummy Ruby rim still seems to be morally not a thing to do.

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