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Don't think it belongs
Took the sump off the big 7 to clean it out and found this in the filter basket.         The inner circle is about 4" diameter. First thoughts were broken piston or center main thrust washer. But its much too big also not metal, bronze or ali looks carbon or plastic. Robin Taylor kindly phoned me back and he thinks as I do that its not from the engine. Probably larger pieces put down the oil filler and broken small by the cranks rotation. No idea when as the engine was last down in about 1976. Strange what amuses some people. Pete
could it be the top seal of a (wrong) oil cap?
Children are likely to do anything. And disgruntled persons. My teacher wife inadvertently used a carpark which had been adopted as hers by another. She was rewadred with a stone deliberately trapped in the wiper blade.
Too big 4" dia Pete
My modern has just been in for a new exhaust as the baffles were apparently loose in the rear box. The mechanic didn't change it - just emptied out the stones which had been fed into the tailpipe. I'm sure it made someone chuckle!

Like the stones in the hub cap. Pete

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