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Another Sacrificial Ruby...
Sadly the body on this one actually looks rather good.... definitely looked better before it was hacked about

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What a waste! With no id and a home-made chassis it stands no chance of being registered for the road in the UK... which of course is why it's now for sale.
Chances are the body was previously discarded by a LWB Ulster builder so maybe this guy is not to blame for the cars destruction, anyway I thought repurposing was the latest buzz word in the UK.......thats said tongue in cheek for those of sensitive disposition!
Black Art Enthusiast 
Yes, but what’s the alternative? Like Ian says this is probably a result of someone’s Ulster rep. The real shame is not just that a viable original car was destroyed, but that someone has tried to reuse the body shell and found that because of our regulations it’s going to be impossible to use it once it’s finished. Sad!
Alan Fairless
Just to be Controversial,
I think it would look great when /if its finished.
After all its just another American Style Special, Hot Rod.
I would think it could be registered under the SVA scheme just like a kit car would be.
An old Herald or Spitfire chassis could be put under it to gain a number plate without a Q.
Enough cars have been destroyed by the Austin Seven community to make Specials and cars passed off as EA Ulsters or Replicas.
There are a few true replica Ulsters but not many. ( Imitation is the sincerest for of flattery )
The only other cars which have so many imitations are Cobras and Porsche 356 and Big Healeys that I know of.
Where does the gearbox go?
It does beg the question of exactly WHAT would be entailed for an SVA, with, say, a simple electric conversion. Its very cheap (he's probbly going to take 1200 quid for it, say?) for the amount of work that has gone into it.
The welding looks ugly presently but it does look quite solid and purposeful.
It is easy to agree with comments that say  a continuing life for a discarded body is perfectly acceptable. At least it has grown widened wings and not sprouted water skis. Hmm, there is a totally derelict V8 Pilot in a shed very near here, I wonder if the flathead could be fitted instead of the Pinto engine. The Veteran Hot Rods are confident that Pendine can now take place in October and there will be no VSCC events so could the Ruby be in action in time to spin along the beach? Time for breakfast and medication, perhaps.

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