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Block and head identification
Hi all, I have two blocks and two heads which I need some help in identifying their age and what model they may have been off.

Block one - 25516 (has a screw in core plug)

Block two - 105340, 1a504 af4, m228094

Head one - 1a38 u3 af1

Head two - 1a56 k6 af3, 60171

Thankyou in advance,
The correct number to quote on your engine blocks is the one stamped in the valve chest cover. The second one quoted as M228904 is a crankcase number from 1935. Blocks with screw-in core plugs date from 1930 and earlier.
[Only registered and activated users can see the links Click here to register] gives good summary of the LC heads...

Annoyingly, I dont recognise the second head though. Does it have a date stamp? as we may need to add it!
block 25516 I would estimate as some time 1926
block M 228094 I would estimate as mid 1935
Head 1A38 Well, I have a 1A38 AF2 head with priming ports blanked off with brass plugs which I believe to be the original low compression head on my 1929 engine.
Head 1A56 outside of my experience but no-doubt someone else will know.
The AF numbers refer to the appropriate Austin Foundry, and were there for quality control purposes; they have no relevance to identification of the individual part.

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