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Trailer width
I am looking for a trailer to carry my car and see that in response to a previous questions people have recommended Smart car trailers which are the right sort of length. However, all of the models I have seen appear to be much too wide. Apart from me having a very small garage, this would make loading quite a stressful exersize as the wheels will be right on the inner edge of the tracks.

Has anyone found an off the shelf job that works, or someone who can build a bespoke trailer without it costing the earth?

I'm planning to do long distances on the motorway so I'd like to get something new rather than a home made job from ebay!
Hello Tom...
Some trailers made by Satellite (Fr) and purposed for BTP machines are short, fully floored and sensively narrow, but even fitted with brake system. Idéal for a Seven.
Must be checked!
Best regards!
Hi Tom

I really could recommend Graham Edwards Trailers. They have a trailer in their range which is sized and intended for an Austin seven. They are good quality well designed galvanised items. They even export them to Germany !
You could speak with Phoenix Trailers in Shropshire. They will make narrower trailers around their standard designs; sort of semi bespoke. Their standard designs include Smart cars and motorbikes and bed widths down to 1.5m.

Although i finally bought second hand they were very helpful when i enquired. 

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I bought a (secondhand) 8 foot by 5 foot trailer, pushed down to front face of the trailer (it was fixed rather than hinged) and secured that to the tow bar of the trailer. I use aluminium ramps and my 7 fits with about three inches to spare either side. I have added some timber guides to make sure the wheels sit equidistant from the sides. I am brave enough to drive the front of the car to the top of the ramps but then winch it forward. I started off with a hand winch but have now progressed to an electric one. Works well for me.

Just be careful if you have a sunshine roof, they weren't designed for motorway speeds and if a bonnet catch became dislodged, there is a risk of the bonnet flying off - see discussions as to which way around the bonnet, radiator stay should be fitted !
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I wanted a small twin axle trailer that suited an A7 and wasn't oversized because I don't want to store a huge thing at home. I bought this one from Bob Drewett in the pub one night. Built in the 70's for the Dixon Riley 9. Exactly the right size. Tows brilliantly and is the same width as a Volvo, so fits through gaps. You couldn't build one like this these days (standards have changed) but it works fine and with a modern tow car with 4 wheel disc brakes, stops straight and true. 
Yes, I had to refurbish the brakes and in due course I replaced the suspension units as a precaution - I reckoned that rubber Indespension type units would have degraded over 30 years. 
Not everyone wants the hassle of a home-built trailer that someone else put together but I figured it was the best way to get exactly what I needed and so it has been proved.  It pays to keep your eyes open for this type of option 



We researched trailers for A7's about a year ago and bought an Ifor Williams CT115. It was the only one we could find that had the ramps on the bed close enough together to accommodate an A7 while also being wide enough to accommodate our Abarth 595.

It's single axle so manoeuvrable.

Hope this helps.

Give Hugh a call at The Trailer Market on 07495 833293 ( He knows about Sevens and has a very good knowledge of the various trailers available.

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